Quite possibly the most perfectly timed photo on the internet.

  1. “Nailing the perfect shot sometimes requires a lot of patience. Scottish photographer Alan McFadyen would know: he spent an estimated 6 years, 4,200 hours, and 720,000 exposures trying to nail the perfect symmetrical shot of a kingfisher diving into its reflection.”

  2. For someone who spent 6 years on a perfect shot he could have at least got a perfect shot.

  3. No, it's off by a few milliseconds. Would've been perfect if it captured the exact moment his beak touches the water surface, not when it's already a few mm underwater

  4. It's honestly impressive how this photo exists in-between the moment where the liquid has already hit her, but before she's noticed.

  5. Ok that is a strongbow dark fruits pint cup, at a festival if they have gone to the trouble of serving the drink in that particular cup I have to tell you that sub brand of cider is a very noticeable shade of purple.... I drink that and I have spilled it.... That liquid is 100% not the original beverage that was poured and served (and at a festival? I bet it cost £12) that my friend is another liquid.

  6. It was yellow, you can see it in the liquid to the right of the cup. It's so thinned out near her that it's clear.

  7. Yeah, i'm thinking of those three different photos of the same lightning strike, from different angles, taken at a festival.

  8. She looks like she’s about to make an impassioned speech about hacking conglomerates and distributing the wealth.

  9. I'm gonna get this blown up and on wall, so I can see this as I leave my place and go to work, or better put it up in my office/work shop

  10. I miss phones that small. I could hold them in one hand, comfortable and secure. Now I'm balancing a grand and a half between my pinky and my index finger so I can type with my thumb and ANYONE knocks me and it's laying on the ground, hopefully intact, but who knows. Madness.

  11. For it to’ve been timed that would mean you’re intentionally taking the photograph. And therefore you’re involved in throwing that cup, which makes you an asshole.

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