Anon progress backwards

  1. It varies person to person. I only wear mine overnight like once a month and only notice a little resistance

  2. i stopped wearing them while i have a year of work left stopped going to dentist too. 2 years passed and they are still in place

  3. Damn I can go like 2 months without wearing them. Then they'll be tight for like 2 weeks, might even wake me up from them hurting a bit the first few nights, but after that they are good as new. I've had them for about 10 years now. I got four sets when I got my braces off and I'm only just now starting to use the second pair.

  4. Increase your jaw strength. Teeth shift less the stronger your jaw is. Saw a thing about how ancient humans didn't have crooked teeth because they used their mouth as a mill to grind things up.

  5. There was a mix up with my dentist and it took them like a week to get me my retainers…they never fit. Luckily my top teeth remained straight and it’s just the bottom ones that are funky.

  6. I went a week without them about a year and half ago and haven’t worn them since, don’t really care because my teeth are still better than any Bri’ish “person”

  7. Lmao yeah I just gave up after a while. Too many times I’d forget it for a day or two and it would hurt so much.

  8. Honestly, its been 4 years since I’ve worn braces and I still wear my retainer every night because I’m so scared of ever having to wear braces again.

  9. Do it. I didn't wear them and my bottom teeth look so fucked. Went back yo the dentist gonna get braces soon again lol.

  10. Because you foolish sod teeth are one of those things where it's hard to go back and when it gets bad it gets really bad.

  11. As soon as I learned that the retainer was supposed to be for life I decided that I was okay if my teeth were only 95% straight instead of perfect.

  12. It's not just cosmetic, crowded teeth can cause headaches and negatively impact gum health. It especially can get worse as you get older.

  13. I used my retainer for like 3 years , stopped using them and my teeth have been fine for 5 years, they might not be 100% as perfect as they could with the retainer, but I can barely see any difference.

  14. As you can tell from the comments it varies. Some people go months and are fine. If I don't wear mine for 2 days it hurts to put it back in. My bottom teeth just go wild. It doesn't bother me at all to put it on after my hygiene routine nightly. It's a habit at this point

  15. My dentist suggested Invisalign, but told me I'd have to use a retainer nightly for life afterwards to maintain the alignment.

  16. jesus christ same shit happened when wisdom teeth started growing and pushed all my teeth. 2 years and 3k bucks gone down the drain

  17. Yeah man, I gave in to some unhealthy eating habits and ended up setting my weight back some. Like, half a year of progress, undone in a month. That was depressing. It's actually made me impressed by normies. At least they can manage their weight. I can't shit on normies if I can't actually be normal.

  18. I've successfully lost weight and kept it off using CICO, and I'll tell you this - when I first started I learned that some foods are low calorie (like leafy greens and lean meat) and some are super calorie dense (most processed foods) and so I naturally started eating much healthier foods because it meant I got to eat more. In the first two weeks or so it looked like I'd lost a bunch of weight rapidly just from not being bloated from eating unhealthy foods all the time. TL:DR: a lot of the visual impact of your weight gain might be bloating, try just a week or two of healthier foods and you might see (and feel) a significant difference.

  19. I wish my ortho had explained all this up front, but instead he pretended the hell would only last a year while I had to have the braces on. If I had known I'd be expected to wear a shitty fragile retainer every night for the rest of my life I never would've gone through any of it in the first place.

  20. A lot of people care how their teeth look and are self-conscious about them. If you don't care how your teeth look then good for you. It's not a scam if it actually can change people's lives for the better. You just have to weigh the pros and cons for your own personal situation.

  21. Go put them in. I used to wear mine every night and they broke during quarantine. After, I was so afraid to go to a dentist I just stopped wearing them and now the two teeth that were the worse ones are reversing to their original position

  22. I stopped wearing my retainer for years cause i lost it. Still fit when i got a new one. Anon’s teeth must have been fucked.

  23. Nah everyone’s teeth and gums are just different, it’s common for teeth to shift quickly and to shift slowly. This is due to the fact that the original tissue disposition still exists even after years of braces, so with teeth pushing in the path of least resistance they can just pop right back over. It’s especially common for teeth to be unruly in treatment of overbites/overjets.

  24. Man fuck retainers. That damn orthodontist made It sound like I only had to wear that fucking thing for 5 years after I got my braces off then he goes lmao no idiot you wear it for life every time you go to sleep.

  25. I'm fucked because I drink hige cups of black coffee and my shit is yellow as fuck. And I have an invisilign so everything sticks to my teeth. By the end of the week my tray gets a yellow hue to it.

  26. Go to the dollar tree and get some denture cleaning tabs. They'll brighten back up soaking in that for 20 minutes.

  27. Soak your Invisalign in a mixture of peroxide and warm water in the morning while you’re showering and getting ready. Then give a light brush and rinse under running water. It’ll keep them clean

  28. Is it worth it to get braces if you’re still stuck with a life of wearing a retainer anyways? I have some cosmetic reasons to get one, maybe stop some wear and tear from grinding my teeth idk. But this just feels like something I would mess up

  29. No. Eventually you'll give up wearing it because it's annoying as fuck and expensive to replace when it inevitably breaks. Then either you'll get lucky and your teeth will only shift back a bit or you'll go back completely to square one.

  30. Mine broke twice on eating carrots and apples about 3 months in. My Ortho just "just stop eating hard foods" lmao like what?

  31. Had a permanent retainer for my bottom teeth and a removable one for my top. I stopped wearing my top retainer after a year and my teeth haven’t shifted much if at all within the last 7 years. My bottom teeth have shifted.

  32. Same. had braces for around 2 years and had about a year or less left but then i stopped going cause I moved. It’s been about 3 and a half years since i stopped going and my teeth still look really straight.

  33. It just takes a long time for them to shift back. Mine were good for about 15 years before they started causing problems again. Just got done with invisalign and not skipping the retainer this time.

  34. Ngl haven’t wore my retainer for over a year and my teeth haven’t moved (to my knowledge, but I’m a retard so they’re probably fucked and I wasted my braces 🥴)

  35. After you take off braces, they give you some kind of mold that you're supposed to wear in your mouth at night so that your teeth don't shift back to their original position. Usually they recommend you wear it for the rest of your life

  36. I had braces for years and it was hell. And then I was told I had to wear a retainer for the rest of my life and that sucked. So k didn't and now my teeth are back to fucked.

  37. This is why I didn't bother with invisalign. Uncomfortable and painful for years just so I can wear retainers for more years.

  38. •Had braces for 3 years •Get them taken off •Dentist tells me to wear my retainer for the next year •I was like “only a year?” And he was like “yep that’s all” •Nice. So I wear the retainer every day for a year and when the year passes I stop wearing them. •Within a few weeks my teeth relapsed and I wanted to murder someone. •Thank you dentist for your professional advice.

  39. At this point in life I'm not even sure I want to use braces anymore sounds like pain in the ass to maintain, but if I don't use it my teeth will stay crooked. idk maybe I'll consider it once I have enough money

  40. I did the exact same thing, for a day or two instead of a couple weeks. The only teeth that shifted? My two front ones.

  41. I like to think they don't actually expect people to wear them forever. I was super diligent for like 4 years after getting my braces off, but at a certain point the habit just broke. Maybe my teeth aren't as perfect as they were back then but I'm ok with them only being slightly off to not have to worry about a retainer my whole life

  42. I stopped wearing my retainer cuz it was so fucking uncomfortable. I would legit take it out in my sleep without even realizing. Stopped fitting pretty quickly - but dentist apparently didn't care much. 20 years later and my teeth are still good n straight.

  43. I went away to Boys out camp as a kid and didn't wear my retainer for a whole week because fuck my mom isn't here to tell me what to do.

  44. If two weeks was enough for it to not fit you must have literslly just got it. Its really your own fault at that point.

  45. I stopped wearing my retainer after wearing it for five years straight even though they kept saying my teeth would move back, they still have not

  46. I went through the whole progress of using braces for a few years, then moving to the retainers, and through the time I kept on going to the dentist to fix my bite. Once that stopped and I got my wisdom teeth removed, I kinda forgot to keep wearing the retainers. It was 2, one for lower jaw, and the other for the upper. The lower one was a flimsy acrylic that broke first, and the upper broke again later because I forced them, but after getting new retainers, they still fit in my teeth even after months of not using them, luckily

  47. Man literally same. The orthodontist said “okay you can wear it only during the day”, “okay you can wear it for only nights” “okay each month, subtract 1 day of the week that you wear it”

  48. Mine did a snapping noise but had no visible damage after thorough examination. They still felt normal so I didn't think about it. After they wore out I went to get new ones and they no longer fit my teeth. I now have a gap between my central incisors.

  49. I stopped wearing my retainer after 6 months and my teeth are still as straight as ever and its been years now. My top row anyways, I have a permanent retainer on the bottom.

  50. After i got my wisdom teeth pulled, i havent worm mine. Hell, it is from 4 years ago, the structure of my mouth regardless of my teeth has changed.

  51. I just stopped wearing them at some point. Just going a day without them ended up being painful and I felt like my teeth were constantly being pulled around.

  52. I forgot to wear mine for two days only and now my bottom teeth won’t realign, I wore them for a straight week without removing them after and my teeth still weren’t fixed

  53. I haven't worn my retainer in years and my teeth are still perfectly straight. They were like SUPER fucked up pre-braces too

  54. My top retainer has a tooth on it. I have to wear it every day or else that gap with close up slightly. The bottom retainer kinda fits even after months of not wearing. It's not a dire need to wear the bottom one for me.

  55. it only happens to some people. mine still fits but hurts to wear. i don’t like wearing it because it gives me sensory issues and the sound grosses me out.

  56. I just have a semi permanent mini brave on the backside of my teeth. Pretty much everyone has it in my country. Impossible to forget, works like a charm.

  57. I got my braces off like 10 years ago and never wore my retainers, like even right after I got them off. Because I’m a weak baby that can’t handle discomfort. Teeth are fucked again but not nearly as bad as they were before the braces.

  58. Orthodontics is (mostly) the biggest scam in the teeth world. Sure, some people need a surgery to fix their jaw, but the cosmetic stuff is just a huge cost for no benefit.

  59. If they go back so easily and so readily, was progress really being made at all, or were the teeth just being temporarily held in a shape they don’t really fit?

  60. I once was kinda fit after hitting the gym on a daily basis for almost 5 years. After that, I got a depressive episode for a month or two. I ate so much junk food and got drunk daily, that I pretty much fucked up everything I achieved in all the years before that. Sucks..

  61. The same way teeth want to go back to their original position wouldn't them being held in place by a retainer for so long make them eventually remember that the place they've been in for so long is now the normal

  62. I forgot my retainer when I went on holiday as a kid after I had braces. They shifted and I couldn't get it back on. I forced it on for two nights and I didn't sleep a minute because I was in so much pain. Eventually gave up and 3 years later I had to get braces again!

  63. I gave up on my retainer after a week of wearing them and my teeth are still fine. Dentist said some people are just lucky like that.

  64. Idk if this is scientifically legit or not, but mewing helped me pretty good with my teeth after my retainers were taken off. I had those transparent plastic grills that held my teeth in place and I always felt that after a few days of not wearing them, I’d have a hard time putting them back on because they would have to push my teeth back. After I started doing mewing for a few weeks with those grills on, I decided to conduct an experiment. I’d go 2 weeks fully on mewing and then try to put the grills back on. To my surprise, they actually pushed my teeth forward after a while instead of back, so I think that was a success. Anyone with a similar story?

  65. Friendly reminder that orthodontics are bad for your facial development. Look up Weston A Price's study on teeth and facial development. Did twins studies as well as aboriginal vs modern man studies.

  66. My boyfriends retainer got lost like 4 years ago, and his permanent retainer fell out last year. His teeth still look exactly the same.

  67. Try placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth. About 4 hours should start noticing a difference. Ideally maintain this constantly, even when asleep.

  68. I mean, I can put in my retainer after like a month of not wearing it. Sure, it hurts for like half an hour, but it's fine. I just need to remember to wear it every night.

  69. I haven’t really worn mine since I got my braces off a couple years ago,not only have my teeth barely moved,but when i check once a month or so to makes sure it still fits it always does.

  70. Just curious, to everyone who has a retainer, what color is it? I specifically requested the ugliest color they had and they got me sparkly booger

  71. I wore a retainer before having teeth removed and braces, but no way am I then going to wear it for the rest of my life to prevent like 2 teeth slightly moving.

  72. It isn’t progress if it requires maintenance. If it’s really that important just get a full set of Invisalign and jam that shit in one after another before you go out or something idk.

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