The head of the only Dodo specimen with remaining soft tissue

  1. They were massive, and tasty, and didn’t run away so you could just pick them up, cook them and eat them.

  2. Right? That's the first thing I said. For some reason I thought they were chicken sized or turkey sized at best. Interesting!

  3. I know you are joking. But long ago i read a Reddit comment that appeared to be serious. He said the reason why they were so easy to kill off was because when one Dodo screamed or was in danger. Dozens of them would come to try to help even if the bird in danger was related.

  4. They are just bigger dodos... With huge sharp teeth and claws and an equally huge thirst for blood, but that's beside the point.

  5. There was a post not long ago that had some really interesting links, from what I remember the main issue is not DNA or even diversity, the fact is that we are very far from being able to clone birds as it's magnitudes of order harder than cloning mammals. The studies they linked said that we will be able to clone mammoths and other extinct mammals before the dodo or other birds that became extinct recently and from which we have better quality DNA samples.

  6. This solution is shortsighted. There are obvious problems. No genetic diversity, clones breeding would essentially be inbred.

  7. If we really wanted these birds back, are we sure we couldn't use an ostrich egg and just genetically engineer one?

  8. There’s a reason it’s extinct. It was like a huge turkey that let you walk right up to it and club it in the head. It was like natures vending machine.

  9. They tasted awfully. The Dutch had a nickname for the dodo, walgvogel ( disgusting bird). It's the rats that came with the ships that ate the eggs and baby dodo's.

  10. I always wished these little shits were still around can you imagine a bird that ate nothing but fruit and seeds Jesus Christ they must have tasted nice.

  11. This is in the Oxford Museum of Natural History. The Brits already have it, along with thousands of other stolen artifacts from around the world.

  12. It would be pretty messed up if we brought back a species we rendered extinct by eating all of them for the sole purpose of getting to eat them again

  13. I just heard a story about this. That it was in a museum and someone thought it was looking ratty so they threw it in a fire. Another person pulled it out and this and a foot or wing was all they could save. The dodo lasted i think only 80 years after man discovered them and is the only specie known to have been made extinct by man. Bill Bryson’s “A short history of nearly everything”.

  14. If they tasted so good, we should bring them back and push them into fast food. Looking at you, Chris Kempczinski, Dodo nuggets on the menu asap

  15. Go on doctor evil and your dna manipulation thing. Resurrect that beast along with the wolly mammoth, sabre toothed tigger and the wicked witch of the west

  16. They should really just recreate it They disappeared like 200-300y ago, so the DNA is still 'readable'. Plus we already have the required technologies and knowledge to resurrect this big birds

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