52 Tuesdays and 52 range days each year. And I just turned 52. A good day for the resident range hippie.

  1. I haven’t worn shoes that I wasn’t forced to in years. My wife loves it. (No she doesn’t). You can take my flip-flops when you pry them from my cold dead feet!

  2. My membership is annual, and not that expensive at all. As far as ammunition goes, I don’t spend hours at the range. I’ll send a box or two through two rifles and be done. I don’t find it helpful for me to send the rent money down range all at once, or constructive to keep shooting if I meet my goals. (If you’re on, you’re on, so to speak). Lots of pretty short range days rather than less and longer days. I’m not throwing 200 rounds per gun down there. If I’m happy with my performance, I can shoot 20, 30, 40 or something.

  3. Forego shoes! Those suckers are expensive! OP has the right idea. Get a cheap pair of flip-flops, and spend the money you would have on those Reebok Pumps, on ammo instead! Wait, what year is this?

  4. I haven't been to the range in years, between range and ammo costs I just hope I'll be able to hit someone if I ever need to use my gun.

  5. .22LR and handloading, if you were lucky/foresighted enough to stock up on thousands of .22s and primers a few years ago when they were cheap...

  6. Believe it or not, it’s never happened. Can’t figure it. But I’m mostly on the bench, so the brass is pretty controlled. Back in days of yore, I’d get that shit down my shirt somehow.

  7. I honestly don’t know. Didn’t read anything in any membership policy or waiver. And no RSO has ever done anything but give me a strange look. But you’re kind of spot on with the why (whether you were being serious or not). Comfort and calm. I try to stay as chill at the range as I am in my backyard.

  8. I go once every 4-6 weeks and send about 150-200 AR rounds, I don’t have a membership to my Rifle range and they charge $25, a membership discounts my trip $5-$6, so a weekly trip for me would cost much more

  9. My membership was $300 for the year minus a military discount, and all you can eat. Given the hourly rates, you end up making out pretty good after X amount of visits.

  10. To keep the guns below the berm level down range. The terrain is such that a person could shoot over the berms, so the obstacle keeps you within a safe elevation. It’s a weird setup. But you don’t really notice it while shooting.

  11. No shoes? Waddaya practicing to be in Russian army? Hope a hot shell doesn't land on your foot. I mean really? We're GenX (I'm 56) what kind of message does this send? Cmon man. Be better.

  12. 6.6 mils is an odd number for 6.5 creed. I suspect you have not set your zero stop. My 260 shooting 147gr eldms is exactly 7mils at 1000 yards.

  13. It’s great all around. The chassis is pretty bare bones, not a ton of adjustments to worry over. I like the rifle at the price point it comes in at. Great barrel. Easily tamed with a simple brake (MDT self-timer). The Aguila is ok. Not dirty. Seems consistent and not much in the wallet department.

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