8 yo me who definitely missed some part of the plot.

  1. My mom read me the books as a kid (a few years before the films came out) and when Strider revealed his true name as Aragorn it was very confusing to me. I had my mom read "Strider" instead of Aragorn for the rest of the books.

  2. I love these misnaming mistakes that we make as kids. My mom used to watch a lot of novelas, and I always wondered why there was a recurring character in all of them called "Luis Enciado". Turns out they were saying "licenciado", which means "licensed" but is used as a title for attorneys.

  3. When the elves show up to Helm’s deep and Aragorn says “Mae govannen” to Haldir I thought he said Michael Von. I even asked my dad why an elf was named Michael lol

  4. Dude as a kid telling the Hobbits apart outside of Frodo was difficult. I also mixed-up Saruman and Sauron with each other.

  5. as a kid it always bugged me why we didn't see the heroes fighting the big bad guy at the end, it felt strange for the villain to be defeated in the prologue just to have three movies of a gang beating his corpse with a stick

  6. When I was a kid I always got really confused about why Arwen would "choose a Mordor life" (the line was actually "I choose a mortal life"). I asked my mom about it and she just kinda looked at me... took a long time for me to discover subtitles.

  7. Tbf just having the comprehension skills to associate to partly understand a movie is impressive for a toddler

  8. As a seven year old, the first time I saw a commercial for LOTR I thought it was a sequel to the first Harry Potter movie.

  9. As an 8 year old, I used to think "Darth Vader" and "Lord Vader" were two different people because I didn't understand how titles worked.

  10. Up until about 3 years ago (I’m 33 now) I thought the same. Didn’t help that before that I only used to watch the LOTR trilogy when I was stoned as balls.

  11. When I started reading Fellowship when I was 10ish, I thought the "One Ring to rule them all" was different from the ring given to Sauron. Made things kinda confusing.

  12. This comment made me lol pretty good. ‘Oh so all dark ethereal wraithlike beings look the same to you!?’

  13. I used to watch all the movie clips on YouTube back in the day when I was a kid and didn’t speak English. I had no idea what was going on but at the same time it improved my English massively lol also just the fascination of the visuals alone

  14. yess this is the witch-king of angmar, confusing bc his appearance is v similar to Sauron shown in the prologue. the movies did a lot of like, assuming folks knew enough backstory to just figure some stuff out sometimes, but even with extended editions some stuff is still really confusing or just not obvious to people who haven’t read the books.

  15. I always thought the Mouth of Sauron was the Witch King who somehow survived after Eowyn stabbed him in the face since his mouth looked like that. Found out years later that this was not the case.

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