am i right

  1. l usually get me a 5 piece from a KFC and blow out the toilet later for a good price. Get some biscuits put some Tabasco on it and I'm gonna rip ass like no other. God damn love me some KFC worst decision is eating there and not blowing out their toilet bc if drive home im speedina like a mf 5 min later bc I'm gonna explode. Run right through the garage door kick down the door and tear up my bathroom God damn no fun.

  2. Eh, people queue up to see everything. Seeing a dead queens coffin is neat I guess especially if she was one of the longest reigning monarchs. 24 is absolutely insane though

  3. Also, unless something unusual happens, there won't be another Queen of the United Kingdom in our lifetime (if the monarchy continues on for that long).

  4. Is it just the coffin? Because I can't imagine keeping a corpse out in room temperature for more than a few hours is going to be a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

  5. The pope oversees an organisation that turned that into standard procedure. Do t hear much about that? And no, I’m not defending the protection of Andrew, all paedos should rot.

  6. I mean she was one of the longest reigning monarches ever, and has outlived most people. I mean seeing her that close is truly a once in a lifetime thing.

  7. wasn't she like the "Holy monarch"? leader of the church of England? like , literal angels and stuff? idk... also, didn't she work as a nurse in the second world war? :/ idk , honestly she seems pretty cool

  8. Thousands of people rioted, burned and looted countless American cities "in honor" of a lifelong criminal they never met.

  9. Yeah but that was years of tension and pressure built up from an organization that caused the death of that very man. He was just the extra shake of the champagne bottle that blew the cork.

  10. I just wanted a wristband but thought why not stay and do it as it’s a once in a lifetime thing. Took 8 hours but yeah I’m never doing something like that again.

  11. Lol. I mean people go pilgrimage. They get stuck in big crowds and die from stampede sometimes. This ain't new phenomenon like people like to think.

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