fun song though

  1. My friend is on our schools cross country team, dudes and girls on the team. He told me one time someone with a Bluetooth speaker was blasting this song and everyone was just vibing like everyone on the team

  2. I worked at a Best Buy when that song came out and they had a making of video about it on all the TV's that played like every hour. I despise that fucking song.

  3. Fuck yeah, give me some of that Tuvan Throat Singing. Shits like, “OooooooOOOOOOOWaaaaaaOooohhh.”

  4. I listened to Taylor's songs as well , I grew up with 2 sisters , so I really don't mind these , I enjoy some of their songs , but not a textbook fan

  5. I had the best time yesterday at karaoke with some friends. We were screaming the lyrics to some of the girlies songs and dancing. Nothing wrong with singing songs and dancing. Just have fun.

  6. i used reddit for 10 days and i sow like 20 relatable memes that describe me perfectly and says my personal unpopular opinions this is the 21th

  7. And here I thought I was super weird for having a weird kind of affection towards songs from Mermaid Melody (a Japanese anime with lots of music tailored to teenage girls)

  8. it's not weird , if it's fun and has a general vibe to it , no harm enjoying it ... it doesn't hurt others and doesn't effect you either

  9. I think by girly song it usually is means songs that are about girls , from a girl's POV ... i.e look at taylor swift's songs , they are definitely meant for a female ( because it's the POV of the song ) ... girly doesn't mean anything bad , it's just people use it in a bad way

  10. I still remember when I worked at Wal-mart and was unloading trucks. I would bring in my JBL speaker and just blast a pandora radio station and upvoting anything that got people to sing along or dance to it. The amount of times that there would be 6 grown-ass men singing to some of the girliest songs at the top of their voices while working was too many to count. We would jam to the songs like Rammstein, but Taylor Swift and the other girls were the ones who got us doing karaoke.

  11. I have everything from Nomy's RUN to Lily's Dreamy Night on my list and I'm not any less masculine than the little I was.

  12. Big ass dude here. The look on the DJ's face when I requested Lizzo at my sister's wedding was priceless. So were the photos taken shortly after.

  13. I lift weights to “oh ah just a little bit” “better off alone” a bunch of tlc and salt ‘n peppa songs like “unpretty” and “push it.” Basically a lot of 90’s uptempo music.

  14. Call Me Maybe is a cringe banger. Reading the lyrics makes me feel like I’m reading texts between two 8th graders but play the song and I can’t help but sing along.

  15. My party trick is knowing all the lyrics of 'wannabe' from the spice girls. No one believes me until I start singing it. I sing horrendously but with a passion

  16. Haha I love singing female lead songs, and I never change the gender. Lana Del Rays Video Games? you bet your ass Im still putting his fav perfume on

  17. Yesterday I was dancing to K-Pop and then headbanged and growled to deathmetal afterwards. Do what ever you like dudes, listening to what ever you want and not giving a fuck is way more masculin than having to argue about your fragile masculinity because of music.


  19. I don't particularly like skirts and would not like to see skirts on a man , cause I prefer and am used to pants but romans wore skirts though so idk

  20. I've heard guys start singing songs like that at full volume and if you just do it with full on confidence, no one bats an eye. Usually in the locker room though, anything goes there

  21. I think it's fun , the lyrics are cringy but the song was a great hit when I was a child , so maybe that's why I find it fun

  22. there is a reason those songs were hits. they are fucking good. for ppl who hate on taylor swift and rihanna and shit saying its toooo girly, eat a dick.

  23. If someone ever gave me the "real men" line I'd just laugh at them because they think manliness comes from hitting the right check boxes on some "approved manly hobbies" scantron card.

  24. In knew this guy from a program at a school. We were hanging out in my car smoking. He notices my music after a while and ask why I listen to woman musicians. Keep in mind, we're in our 30s. I give him a plain stare and said, "That was the most high-school level question I've ever heard." And never answered his question.

  25. Funnily enough Carly Rae Jepsen has a huge metal head fanbase. And her other songs especially her newer ones are super good, no matter how girly (and yes their very very girly) they are.

  26. what I mean by girly is that the song was about a teenage girl , about teenage romance from the girl's pov and the lyric was from her pov / desires .... thus it being girly , I don't mean anything bad by it , it's just an adjective

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