My parents silverware is purple

  1. I immediately recalled this weird purple metal cup that my grandma used to let me drink out of as a kid. It definitely had a hint of a metallic taste to it but I liked it because it got super cold when you had ice in your drink.

  2. I was expecting one if those obscure Reddit detective science comments about how this is a sign of some deadly corrosive coating that will poison your parents and then a whole rabbit hole of detective questions like "do you parents often say things smell like onions?" "Oh yes that's a tell-tale sign of xenocytopicmychondriatic metal poisoning for which purple silver ware is a dead give away"

  3. I thought that was dipentathanehexamethylenediamine poisoning that makes everything smell like onions, and things that smell plastic-y when heated?

  4. ‘Yeaaaah sorry… I can’t come to work today because I’ve got Xenocytopicmychondriatic-itis! Kaaaay thanks byyyyye!’

  5. Nope. Purple silverware is a sign to any house guests that they both like butt stuff. Kinda like the 3 seashells sign but a little different.

  6. Recently finished another rewatch. I finally like Hank and Marie. And yeah, Marie's annoying and makes bad decisions, but ultimately she and her husband both have big hearts and don't hesitate to step outside of their comfort zones for what and who they care about.

  7. Silver + the right amount of sulphur salt exposure can also produce this colour. But not with the same kind of lasting power as anodised titanium.

  8. I've bought a few sets, you have to be careful how you clean them because the colors can come off easy and you'll be left with a blotchy mix of silver and colorful silverware. Or maybe its just the sets I bought.

  9. I've got a purple knife set, it's actually pretty cool. They just just as well, and a splash of color is a fun little addition to the kitchen

  10. I got a black set, the color has started to come off. I was so torn between the purple and the multicolor, with the color coming off, I'm glad I didn't get them. Maybe they're better....

  11. Yup, in most if not all regions of the U.S. In fact that's the first that I have heard that other countries use "silverware" for only the fancy stuff. I don't get out much :-)

  12. "Flatware" is used also to describe stainless steel utensils rather than "silverware," which is to be reserved for sterling silver.

  13. The word “cutlery” used to mean knife making. It’d be crazy if some people used it to refer to spoons and forks too.

  14. I grew up call any normal cutlet, silverware. When I think cutlery I think of the fancy stuff. And that s how alot of people I know refer to it as as well. Maybe a regional thing though

  15. Imagine going back in time and giving these to a Roman Empreror. He'd freak the hell out. Purple silverware would probably be worth more than gold.

  16. That would make me deeply uncomfortable. Any colored utensil I've seen eventually has the color flaking off. I'd rather not be eating those flakes.

  17. Just a small note from the U.K. to say that we find it quite amusing that you all use ‘silverware’ over there. To us it sounds like you are using hallmarked precious metal, probably served by a butler and three footmen. We just use ‘cutlery’ and ‘silver service’ is a formal way of serving meals used in posh hotels.

  18. Meanwhile spanish over here be like: Cubiertos. Take it or leave it. Which doesn't happen often with all the regional variants of spanish.

  19. Less impressive when you know these are Grimace’s parents Barney the Dinosaur and that monster from that novelty song

  20. I had this one spoon that was multicolored and was so cool in my apt. That thing is GONE GONE and its so sad, was such a cool spoon. Iwill find you spoon. one of these days.

  21. I read in psychology back in college that colors affect mood ( obviously) but you could use this to your advantage. Your brain doesn't like blue and purple when eating. This is because there is like 5 foods that are these colors. So people can help themselves lose weight by simply switching to blue or purple plates/silverware. Food for thought

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