Advice Needed

  1. This is no longer about rude in-laws… your MIL is implying you and your fiancé are on drugs. she also implied your baby was I’ll and you were ignoring it. This is the first step towards her trying to get custody. She will have FIL and SIL to back her up. They will use any innocent event against you.

  2. You make sure they have no access to any of your finances - that includes bf contacting his bank and ensuring there is a password on his accounts because his parents will have on hand all the info required to answer any other type of security question.

  3. Yo take your child out of that house before she tries to steal him and claim you're unfit. Seriously, these people have ill intentions and i do not doubt they would try. Its not worth waiting around ro find out.

  4. They are most definitely going to try for custody or grandparents rights. If the get grandparents rights you have absolutely no say in what they say or do when they have the child. Some of the "arrangements" involve them getting the child for an entire weekend plus multiple days a week if they have shown they take care of the baby for even short periods of time. I saw a person who JNIL got almost 50% custody and the things that baby said and did with her parents were awful because of what was being said to her while in grandparents custody. It took a court order to get permission to move across country when the father got a promotion in his job before they got their baby back and years of therapy for baby. I wish I could remember where I seen the story to link it.

  5. They are planning to steal your child. You need to take your and leave. How is your fiancé responding to all of this?

  6. My mother watches my son while we work. We are renting a place from them, I’m packing everything up while my fiancé is at work tonight & we are leaving in the morning. We would leave tonight but he works until almost midnight. Thank you for the input & I have filed away evidence of the things they have done.

  7. Move. Your current situation will not get better by staying. Go to your family if you need time to get on your feet.

  8. Doing just that, they have a place my fiancé & I can rent. He works today but I’m going to pack everything up for us while he’s at work & we are leaving tomorrow morning. Thank you for the advice!

  9. Also, thank you guys for pointing out that she is trying to take my child I thought the same but they are narcissists & had me believing I was crazy for thinking that.

  10. We already did the blocking on social media. I had them blocked a month & a half ago. They just found out last night when stalking my friends social media accts. That’s the main thing that propelled them into even more crazy.

  11. Our accounts have stayed separate so they have no access to my money or spending. He is switching bank accounts tomorrow so they have no more access.

  12. How has your relationship been with your own parents and family recently? She can make a case for grandparents' rights if they're the only family the kid sees regularly. If you can, I'd move all of you to your parents' immediately. If not, spend EVERY DAY with one of your trusted family members. They need to establish a relationship in case it ever goes so far as to a judge needing to grant temporary custody during an investigation.

  13. My son sees my mom regularly. She watches him for us & they don’t get any time with him unsupervised & now they aren’t getting any time with him. We moved everything over this morning.

  14. I suggest going to get a drug test now. You will have proof that you are drug free if they try saying that are doing drugs to try and get the baby away from tou.

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