Guy On Doomed Planet Mostly Concerned With Skin Color Of People In Movies

  1. I’ve always wondered where the Onion gets the photos of people to accompany stories. Are they stock? Do they cast? Or maybe the art director just goes over to accounting and says “hey Steve, are you busy right now? We need a guy to pose…nah that shirt is fine…it’ll only take a minute….” 🤔

  2. I can actually answer this one, as I had a friend be featured in one of their pictures (it's the one about a 14 year old nephew being given ecstacy by their cool, older uncle its the one about an out of touch uncle asking his nephew for ecstacy). They call on people who have headshots for modeling or acting and bring them in for photos. You don't know what article you'll be featured in.

  3. That would be fucking hilarious if they did it in-office! Pranking people with which article they get put on would make for a fun, yet stressful, work environment.

  4. I can confirm they cast quite a bit. Not to say they never use stock photos but there's quite a few casting calls I see from them

  5. One of my math teachers way back was the stock photo model for an Onion article. He proudly shared this with us once and I really wondered how he got into it because, not gonna lie, he gives off such "just a guy" energy.

  6. So they were originally from Madison. I know a few of the original stock photos were just fellow students, back when they were just an actual fake new paper that was printed. No idea about the rest

  7. They do both, and the only way I know that, is because I had a college professor who used to model for stock photos (he was very generic looking haha), and I happened upon him while reading an article

  8. This is why GoT should have ended with the army of the dead winning while everyone wasted their time with useless politics

  9. Life makes more sense when you realize we're termites trying to collectively learn not to kill the tree we're eating before the tree dies.

  10. Ah, I miss the good old days of The Onion where they had to be more clever than just describing reality.

  11. He was probably thinking, "Well thank fuck it ain't a giant dust devil at least" right before getting split down the middle by the debris of a DeSantis billboard

  12. Fun fact, Sabastian was supposed to be British, but Howard Ashman and Alan Menken convinced Disney to change it so that Under the Sea could be Caribbean sounding.

  13. Someone on Twitter said, “I don’t care what color Ariel is as long as the priest has his boner”

  14. Sebastian is voiced by Daveed Diggs of Hamilton and Snowpiercer. Also clipping, possibly the best rap act going right now.

  15. Gainesville is one of the most liberal parts of Florida. It is blue in every single election and probably one of the worst cities they could have chosen in the north part of the state.

  16. Well I think all we do in Reddit is pointless by that definition. And it’s not like people can’t care about movies and also be invested in real life over making a world better place, and Reddit being more for entertainment with movie depate. But I am happy now she has red hair, they didn’t plan it at first so the debate helped.

  17. This is better than when I shared the A24 Hard Times article and watched nerds get mad about their cult.

  18. This is the most "directly aimed at Reddit" onion article I have seen in a while. it's perfect.

  19. While it started before then around 2015 things like Satire being inadequate to mock the new insanity of reality became a norm.

  20. Saw a 0/10 user review of House of the Dragon that was something like, "I'm not racist, I just only want to see white people in Westeros."

  21. See also: "Listen, I'm not a racist. But the pretty mermaid princess from an animated movie over 30 years old was white and had red hair, so I have every right to be angry that a live action version pretty princess mermaid is black with red hair."

  22. look all i'm saying is if they were gonna have one black family it should've been the Hightowers thus adding to the Police Academy Cinematic Universe

  23. I don’t care that they added black people, but I laugh every time I’m supposed to believe that the family that weds siblings to preserve their bloodline is tolerant enough to marry black people.

  24. Funnily enough, I read this right after I read an article filled with critics slamming Bullet Train because people weren't the "right" skin color.

  25. I've seen people say this for decades, but my favorite is fairly recently, when people complained that HBO had made Watchmen political when, in their minds, it hadn't been before.

  26. Man Prefers Comic Books That Don’t Insert Politics Into Stories About Government-Engineered Agents Of War

  27. Tend to be the people who happily watch endless war films partnered with the US military and police shows with very generous depictions of law enforcement.

  28. I just saw the trailer for Amsterdam on Twitter and after thinking to myself that looked great the replies were full of “woke rubbish” comments.

  29. I get the message but the hypocrisy is hilarious here. It's literally all Hollywood does these days.

  30. It's funny because there are a lot of comments angrily and passionately arguing about this issue and why their view is different. And in the end they're all just people living on a doomed planet, arguing about the race of characters in movies. No matter the motivation for doing so, that's all it boils down to.

  31. I'm pretty sure this article is aimed at two different types of people, and each one thinks it's only aimed at the other.

  32. 4 years ago Dwayne Johnson faced backlash because people said he wasn’t black enough to be John Henry

  33. That’s been my thing with this too. God forbid ScarJo is in Ghost in a Shell but Little Mermaid does this and it’s “what’s the big deal snowflake?!”

  34. It's part of the same stupid cycle that repeats itself. The people who were mad at ScarJo are fine with Ariel and LOTR:ROP. The people who are mad at Ariel and LOTR:ROP defended ScarJo and casting in other films like Noah, Exodus, and Gods of Egypt.

  35. This post is so funny because people forgot about fightning for the doomed planet, forgot things like "occupy wall street" and forgot about the classes fights that people in the real world needs and just care about having their checkboxes on media these days.

  36. All the complaining in the world couldn't stop most people realising Prey is pretty rad, and Ghostbusters '16 a dud.

  37. These past few days I've felt complete dread over such, I'm just so scared. I don't want to see any of that. Fuck. :(

  38. A lot of what gets adapted this way is cartoons and comics, media in which white redheads with green eyes are actually proportionately overrepresented because of their high-contrast coloring, therefore if you had to racebend a white character for whatever reason, it'd be more likely it's a redhead out of sheer numbers

  39. Aren’t the people asking for more representation in film just as concerned with the skin color of people in movies as the people upset about it? Lol

  40. The Onion has a baseline of funny, but once an I while they just drop a bomb of a great and cutting headline. This is one of them

  41. Yeah. Sometimes I feel like the majority of people are just making up an 'adversary' to rile against. Like in the past I'd see people complaining about vegans being arrogant/on a high horse. Never met a stuck-up vegan in my life...

  42. I’m convinced nobody ever cared what color Ariel was. It was a marketing gimmick to get people out to support it.

  43. Amazes me how people can deny reality so brazenly and proudly. There are literally entire Facebook groups dedicated to hating black Ariel. You can go to probably hundreds of conservative sites, Twitter accounts, and subreddits and find people hating on it.

  44. Naw, people care. It's wild. I saw a pic of Ariel (from the new movie) fanart on reddit and anyone who posted positively in the comments was downvoted. Like 15 comments that were just like 'nice art! I like how you rendered her hair' sitting with 4 down votes when most pics never have that sort of trend.

  45. I think there are people who are miffed about changes from source material. I.e. even extremely well received adaptations such as Hugh Jackmans Wolverine had a lot of detractors (and still has some) mainly because Wolverine is supposed to be a very short and kinda ugly guy.


  47. This has been a good PR tactic going back to the first GTA game. There was a small outcry that wasn't getting much traction on it causing violence, but the marketing team leaned all the way into it and it worked. Tons of free marketing.

  48. Bruh go on YouTube and search "little mermaid woke" lol. There are hundreds of neckbeard rants about it with thousands of comments complaining about her skin

  49. guy on doomed planet mostly concerned with people who have stupid opinions on stupid movies.

  50. Seriously, can you believe these idiots? So obsessed with the skin color of fictional characters, they’re spending all their time and effort on Twitter angry over something so trivial. It’s insane, these people need help. Who cares if Scarlett Johansson is the lead in Ghost in the Shell, or if Tilda Swinton plays The Ancient One. These racist losers shouldn’t be so upset over a white actor/actress playing a fictional Asian character

  51. Were people upset Nick Fury was Black? Maybe? Were people upset Americans elected a black president? Definitely.

  52. Is this sub usually this inundated with reactionary takes? I thought this was a movie sub. Edit: spelling.

  53. Im at the point where I almost dont even care if the planets fixed or not. Its so unlikely for us to exist at all and yet we spend all day working so we dont have to live outside. In a way I envy farmers or tribes who just hunt, fish and live simple but no matter what they do we destroyed their planet just the same. Every year more bad news, more animals slowly going extinct. If we were going to fix it we would be, anything that looks like an effort is some kind of short term profits cash grab like electric cars. Sure they are better than gas but china is till putting out enormous pollution and thats not saying america or anyone else is innocent. Fuck it, I got hentai to catch up on.

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