Everyone else excited for The Rocks "Global Tour" of Black Adam? consisting of 2 Continents and 5 Countries!

  1. It’s feel like one of those projects that keep getting advertise and promote to the point where people start getting sick of it. Another example would be: Raid: Shadow legends or Grammarly

  2. It unironically is shaping up to be in my top three capeflick‘s of the year (which isn’t saying much because outside of the batman it’s been a rough year for superheroes)

  3. I hadn't seen a movie overwelcome it's existence this much while most people couldn't care less.

  4. Dude how can you not be hyped after that awesome post credits scene in the Superpets movie hyping this up?

  5. bro it's a spoiler because before tour start, black adam going to destroy the whole africa, asia, south america, australia, and antartica

  6. OK I get what you're saying, but I defy you to get from Mexico to Toronto to Georgia to London to Madrid to LA in a single 24 hour period.

  7. I have not seen a single person be enthusiastic about this movie at all. At least before morbius came out people were showing ironic hype for it because jared leto is such a meme. But this one?

  8. Man I love global tours! I made sure to check and see if the global tour for Smile made it to my local movie theater and sure enough, it had! My lucky day. Be sure to check and see if Smile is on a global tour near you!

  9. I hate to see passion projects fail but this thing just has stink written all over it. At least WB didn't sell it off to Netflix like Universal did to Rob Zombie's The Munsters passion project.

  10. Wtf is a global tour for a movie? Are those just the opening nights in those cities? In which why are there different dates for the same country? They can't be events with the cast because half of them are the same day in different countries. I'm just confused

  11. ok but there are literally only 2 outside of North America, at least go to like, Beijing or Delhi or something, maybe Sydney, maybe somewhere in Africa like Johannesburg or Cairo

  12. Well at least they actually included Mexico. Usually “global tours” mean I will visit the Us, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Maybe Japan or S Korea if I’m feeling spicy

  13. Black Adam...sure, white genocide at it again...whats next, Yellow Eve? Brie Larson as God? Wokywood again ...

  14. Sure. Why not. It’s just hype at this point. I imagine now is the time more details will start to come out cause we really don’t know much. I like it.

  15. Cyclone is so hot I want her to do her mega monster sucky twist and zip pussy grip on my penis and balls (they both go in)

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