Saudi Arabia to host winter games

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  1. By using heaps and heaps of energy to cool down indoor arenas and then produce artificial snow. It is actually insane that they place a event like this in that part of the world

  2. True...but still....When I think of Saudi Arabia, the thing I really don't assosiate with the country is winter sports. So the year does not really matter that much

  3. Look, why don't we just set off the totality of our nukes arsenal over the poles, and call it a day?

  4. by using an ungodly amount of energy to cool the inside of buildings in the saudi heat, and then to use more energy to

  5. Is this one of those idiotic headlines to garner a reaction from the rest of the populace? Like harvesting spaghetti from trees when it ripens?

  6. One can only hope. But I would not hold my breath and I think this idiotic idea is something they actually want to do

  7. I mean, halfway decent chance of a nuclear winter between now and then. Riyadh could be downright brisk by then, who knows?

  8. Hey, since the EU needs gas, and OPEC is clamping down on production … that’s enough reason to go in and purge the sands of the Saudi leadership. We need that oil … since Russia is cutting the gas to Europe.

  9. Because they have a ton of money to waste and couldn’t care less about the environment. How about if no one shows up for this disgusting display of excess and they have to eat the losses. One of the worst countries on Earth and we keep doing business with them because of their fucking oil! The best reason for alternate energy is to put these assholes into poverty.

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