Game Thread: Phillies @ D-backs - Mon, Aug 29 @ 09:40 PM EDT

  1. this game's squarely on the defense and pitching, but the offense got 7 runs on 11 hits against the starter and then just rolled over for 5 innings against the bullpen

  2. Best two pitchers for the D Backs coming up. We might be in danger of getting swept. If we don’t win the giants series after that we are in big trouble

  3. I don’t mind him but most people say he talks too much doesn’t let the game breathe, he’s annoying and probably some PTSD from his time as GM

  4. Worst part is we have to wait until 9:40 tomorrow for the next game so we have to sit on this all day before we watch this team again

  5. If Suarez wasn’t starting we would win even with a bullpen game I’m confident to say we win this.

  6. That's it for me tonight. If I wake up tomorrow finding out we won with a 9th inning rally I'll pull a Jack Fritz and run 20 miles tomorrow

  7. That does nothing for me I’m not gonna lie. That was always gonna happen. But he was out in front of that third pitch by about 15 seconds.

  8. silver lining is that it’s peak phillies to lose this embarrassing ass game and then come out and drop 5 runs on gallen the next day

  9. No BP for tomorrow, can’t wait to lose 1-0 because our cowardly offense is too afraid of the Diamondbacks 16.3 ERA relievers. Our simulation is so scripted bro

  10. My biggest frustration with this team over the past few years is we seem to let other teams that beat us in frustrating ways get into our heads. This was the case with the Marlins for much of the past few years, and the Mets (admittedly a good team, but we looked rattled against them) this year.

  11. It's almost September. Another way to put it is that they have a core consisting of underachieving losers who do this every year. Segura, never made the playoffs, Harper, Nats win as soon as they dump him, September Nola and the rest who have been a part of all of these chokes. Schwarber is the only one used to making it and he's the one who led this turnaround starting in June but can he drag the rest of them to October if they all fall apart again?

  12. These are hard to come back from because after the last couple of years you start waiting for disaster to happen when good things are happening

  13. Another thing. It’s time to start treating these players like professionals. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that RT should be able to trust someone like Sanchez, who’s here to be something resembling a long reliever, to turn around his stuff against a shit lineup so we don’t have to use multiple bullpen pitchers in an inning.

  14. This is true, going to your long reliever early when your starter looks rattled is a whole different story than having Nick Nelson try to record a 6-out save, so don't really get the Thomson-Girardi comparisons here

  15. Cruising until disastrous 4th and 5th innings. Suarez looked great to start but as the 4th dragged on he started losing command and put some meatballs over the plate. They took him out at 7-6 but then the bullpen imploded the next inning to give up another 6 spot

  16. well if avocado's gonna make a rare appearance, at least it's in a game that we're already trailing by 5

  17. Is this the most pathetic game of the year? Jesus Christ what the actual fuck are our pitchers doing? This is one of the worst teams in baseball and we’re getting embarrassed

  18. I’m still sticking with the team. Not done yet. After watching all season, we get these freak ass games and still come back in a game of two.

  19. What makes you think they will turn it around when we hit the first of September I truly want to know because all I see is overrated slop being thrown out onto a baseball field. If they do make the playoffs I’ll gladly eat my own words and etc but until than I don’t get what people are seeing in this losing franchise.

  20. I mean just seeing Alvarado throw strikes and have a clean inning would make me feel somewhat better like we’re not completely falling apart

  21. It’s looking like this trip could become a brutal slump but at least this time we have enough of a cushion to get through it and hold onto a wildcard spot.

  22. Oh mama. I’m fully expecting a typical frustrating Nola loss where he’s either good and the offense shits itself or he shits himself slightly and the offense also shits itself as soon as they’re down a run

  23. 7 is enough to win most days, but still wish the offense didn't call it a night as soon as the bullpen entered

  24. Yeah, we absolutely do not need to be putting Vierling in the lineup this often for the sake of it. This isn’t Little League. This is a playoff race. Don’t give players off days just to get him into the lineup.

  25. For everyone who started watching a month ago because they heard the Phillies were good again and are now breaking down because of this game do not worry I have called a whambulance and they will take you to a safe padded room where you can all watch the Dodgers

  26. So Bryce gets a pitch that dots the strikezone perfectly and its a ball. Segura gets a pitch that almost hits him and its strike 3 lol

  27. My god can we lock Reuben in a closet for the rest of the night? This game is bad enough as is without that useless bit of commentary.

  28. I thought about going to bed after we went up 7-0 and decided I wanted to see us bat one more time before bed. Now I can’t even sleep because this team has pissed me off so much. Proof that ignorance is bliss and supporting the Phillies is a waking nightmare

  29. What’s annoying is Falter pitches on Wednesday so the bullpen is more than likely gonna be reeeally taxed in this series

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