Game Thread: Phillies @ D-backs - Wed, Aug 31 @ 09:40 PM EDT

  1. Note to self. Being a professional baseball player gives you the off chance to have a cheering section made up of a bunch of college-age women.

  2. Good decision to use Nelson. Got the capacity to stretch his outings as a longman and we get the extra day to rest everyone else in the pen.

  3. Nelson to finish out the game, this also gives the bullpen a fresh 2 day rest which is key especially in a playoff push.

  4. Of course Ruben knows his exact pitch mix from the one batter he faced in A ball probably 35 years ago. I bet his “sinker” didn’t even sink. Bastard.

  5. if i were a hitter i'd take this way more seriously, think about how much money is on the line for season stats i'd take anything i could get.

  6. That’s a perfect representation of what happens when someone with an infinite reserve of power gets under a pitch. It can happen against anyone.

  7. Can ruben screw off and go commentate some minor league games? that’s where most of his playing experience is anyways.

  8. lmao Ruben said its a good sign because Marsh got a hit off a position player. First off, its not like he was ice cold, and POSITION PLAYER

  9. I wonder why only teams losing by a lot put in position players to pitch and not teams winning by a lot. Wouldn’t it be just as beneficial for the winning team to rest relievers as well?

  10. "OK, team, gather 'round. What we're gonna do is lose the first two games in absurd fashion and give up two dozen runs or so. But, then we're gonna come back in game three and score two dozen in one game!"

  11. I like how I’ve heard (some) Yankees fans mention losing Matt fucking Carpenter as some kind of justification for this collapse. 36-year-old Matt Carpenter. Matt Carpenter, who wasn’t on their team until after we fired Girardi. Matt Carpenter, who hit 7 homers total in 21-22.

  12. Daryl Morey kinda said this the other day, but my amendment to his rule is whatever agreed upon number i.e. up 15 after 6/7, the trailing team has 9-12 outs left and they just continue to bat until they run out of outs or the score gets within a certain number.

  13. Is this the highest scoring series of the season across the majors? Gotta assume some 4 game series has the edge, but damn.

  14. Went a few years ago. From what I remember Phoenix is a meth dump but Sadona was amazing to see in person. Flagstaff is pretty cool driving from out the desert where it was 90 somthing degrees up to the mountains in the 60s. Grand canyon is a must see in your life time for sure.

  15. I’m pretty sure some of the difference in pitch velocity comes from the fact that in MLB games, the velocity is based on pitch speed out of the hand, and less advanced speed trackers can’t pick up the speed as fast.

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