Jimmy Rollins nearly fought Cliff Lee over country music in Phillies clubhouse

  1. I like classic country. I can't stand what passes for country nowadays. That "fancy like" song that, I think, JT was coming up to? Ugh. It's so stupid. Why am I listening to an ad for Applebees?!

  2. This. The country legends are great, but everybody since about Luke Bryan has been trash imo. Morgan Wallen especially. Fuck “bro country”

  3. There’s American music, and then there’s modern country. Completely removed from the American lineage. Sugar pop for blue line bouls

  4. I guess I’m in the minority that enjoys most music including country although I can’t stand most early 2010s rap

  5. I can enjoy most any type of music, even those that aren't my favs, in small doses. There's probably not a genre I haven't delved into at one time or another. New country is probably my least favorite but can even handle it in small doses.

  6. Yeah like of course I’d take J-Roll’s side bc he’s J-Roll but clearly Lee felt bad about his injury and what kind of rule is “people on the 1L haven’t allowed to pick music”?

  7. I’d put a radio alarm clock tuned to a local country radio station and put it in his hotel room when on the road. Blast is at 5AM.

  8. Depends on the country. If your trying to turn off Hank Williams or Waylon Jennings we might have an issue but if it’s modern beta country than Jimmy was in the right

  9. I would probably go with the intros for either Coming in Hot - peter Tosh or Human Cannonball - Butthole Surfers.

  10. I wanna love Jimmy Rollins. I just can't. Cliff Lee doesn't strike me as a guy Id like to have a beer with either.

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