Game Thread: Nationals @ Phillies - Sat, Sep 10 @ 06:05 PM EDT

  1. Wow i love Brandon marsh. Seems like a cool dude and well manored. I love stott always splashing the POTG. Its great to have the energy.

  2. No bc that was fun. He was lights out Lidge and we were excited when he came in. These Phillies, you're just waiting for them to blow the game.

  3. God tomorrow can't come any faster. Watch us not need him tomorrow tho. With our luck we've waiting this long and hes back and we get crushed by the nats so bad we dont need him. Life of the common Philly sports fan.

  4. We kinda do every year. We always overpay some veteran reliever and they always suck when they come here. It’s almost like relief pitchers are 99.9% failed starters.

  5. Brogdon. Welsh for “joins a fight when it’s going well and then it gets a little dicey and then sometimes gets out of it ok”

  6. Brogdon is one of the most hot and cold relievers I have ever seen. He's lockdown when he is on and awful when he's off

  7. Seranthony can't come back soon enough. He's the only one who has that 9th locked down. Everyone else just implodes.

  8. I'm at the game and they were doing the wave for like the whole half inning. My kids were making fun of me for not participating, and I told them that I hate fun.

  9. The Phillies website lists both Roots Reggae Music by Rebolution and Slide by Calvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos).

  10. Our bullpen never looks like they are having a good time or any fun. Always so serious.

  11. Just checked the Reds game and it’s still 2-1 even brought the Brewers are up excluding a HR Anderson has limited the damage

  12. It’s clear the pressure of baseball takes its toll league wide. All the teams out of the race are playing much more relaxed ball and have no quit in them. While the teams battling for playoff spots are playing tight and making silly mistakes. Something to be said about September baseball.

  13. great outing if not for the last couple pitches. probably shouldn’t have stayed out that long but i get and appreciate topper leaving him out there as a confidence boost. lets win a ballgame

  14. Nice throw by schwarber, but that ball needs to go to 2nd base given the score & situation

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