Game Thread: Phillies @ Marlins - Tue, Sep 13 @ 06:40 PM EDT


  2. And would be 5-1, 5-0 under Thomson if not for a bad 9th inning last week which didn't involve Alcantara

  3. Glad to see Eflin warming up, but idk if I want him coming in the 9th during a 2-1 lead right after coming back from injury.

  4. I love him for middle relief, but I'm nervous for him (and me) if closing a run game in September is his first action in months

  5. I feel bad for teams facing us. If our starting pitcher gets through quality 6 innings, they have to face Alvarado, Robertson and Seranthony! Prayers 😑🙏

  6. Man it feels great to have Seranthony back. Definitely won't get an 8th inning that comfortable with Brogdon or Hand

  7. Either Ser is getting a long save or Robertson is closing either way something aint right but I wont complain if they win.

  8. im fine with them using seranthony in the 8th, he needs more work since coming back before id use him in the 9th

  9. I'm assuming they're doing the thing again where they put seranthony against the guys they're more worried about

  10. Uhhhhh Rob why the fuck do you have arguably the best closer on the roster playing in the 8th while having Robertson or someone else closing 9th are you good Rob?

  11. Top of the order needs to get it together. Would be pretty sick if they got hot at the same time into October tho.


  13. We also got Seranthony and Robertson though. I guess you could argue that Alvarado has been better than Robertson recently but they aren't using Robertson in the 7th

  14. The main reason I don't think they should resign Seggy is because it is very easy to imagine a combo of Sosa and Maton coming close to meeting his level of production.

  15. This hasn't really been the discussion though. If they aren't keeping Segura they are likely getting Cander or Trea.

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