Rise in shootings?

  1. I have noticed an increase as well, sadly. But when you say Citizen, I disregard over 50% of those notifications. A lot of people will call 911 because they hear a pop which, if you read the comments on there, can range from a firework to a modified exhaust. So, not always reliable.

  2. Gotta recommend ‘ezdashcam’. They came out and installed a dashcam then taught my father how to use it. Super easy and a great deterrent for people like this after you point out they’re on film.

  3. What a stupid way to get shot over something so trivial. “I’m going to get out of my car because my fee fees are big hurt!”

  4. Take every notification you get from citizen with a very large grain of salt. Citizen makes its money by keeping you scared, there's a reason why they say it's "reports of".

  5. I use the Citizen app, too. They’ve been sending out more notifications ever since they added their own security company to do physical security. They want to scare you into paying for that service.

  6. Eeehhh I wouldn't trust an app like that in a place like AZ. Lots of middle aged and older folks who think everything is "thugs" or whatever

  7. Exactly. I had neighbors call the cops on teenagers riding skateboards because “they were being suspicious.” Total NIMBY behavior. The poor kids weren’t doing a damn thing wrong.

  8. In what way does falling on hard times cause someone to start shooting and increase in violent behaviors? Don’t lump criminals and lowlifes with those struggling. Two different people

  9. Next door was okay for a while, then every other post was complaining about fireworks or people arguing. So I opted for Citizen so I could at least be aware of what was going on around the area.

  10. Well we've had a massive influx of new people from all over here. Eveybody trying to "make a name" for themselves and build their street cred.

  11. There was a big increase in murders between 2019 and 2020, and a smaller year to year increase between 2020 and 2021. Except in Phoenix which had a slight downturn between 2020-2021. Maybe it's ticking back up again in 2022?

  12. Ah this makes sense, I mean even after being on lockdown for a while i can see how that would affect people

  13. I agree, not only that but the amount of incidents in public have increased too. Every week there’s another shooting at a Walmart, Fry’s, strip malls etc. genuinely starting to get nervous that it’s just a matter of time before it happens while I’m there.

  14. This. I travel a lot around the valley and this is now what (I’m not scared of but) I have to be aware of. I was at arrowhead mall in a changing room at Macys when the mall was cleared out because of an “active shooter”. I came out and had no idea why the mall was so empty 💀

  15. Just a few months ago I was almost murdered at a red light. Dude was aggressively driving, pulled up next to me and opened fire with no instigation whatsoever on my part. Even tho his car was easily identifiable on security cameras spanning miles, the case was closed as it could never be proven WHO was actually in the vehicle.

  16. I’m glad you’re okay!!! That’s so sad really. I’ve lived here 18 years and I remember when my neighborhood at least was so friendly and caring/helpful towards one another. Now everyone freaks out when solar guys are out doing their job 💀

  17. Well, they don't call it the wild west for nothing. With the amount of new people moving here and the rising number of homeless people shits gonna happen. There was a shooting about 3/4 of a mile from our house yesterday. It does seem like the number of incidents is increasing.

  18. Key words “number of people moving here” thinking they are going to get cheap rent and they arrive and it’s not cheap and the jobs in the Phoenix area are low paying.

  19. We have 11,000 homeless people in downtown Phoenix this summer and more in the surrounding areas. In Chandler we just had an attempted robbery in the parking lot of Chandler mall with 30 shots fired from an AR and an armed bank robbery. We have a record number of foreclosures and evictions with the housing market in decline. Things are getting grim, especially for poorer people here. The stock market is teetering.

  20. On Labor Day a man in my apartment complex shot at his baby mama male friend that was in the place. Cops everywhere. Tierra del Sol apartments in Mesa.

  21. Citizen is really interesting in how it reports things. Gunshots can be anywhere from a firework to a cars 2 step being reported. "Slashings" can be anything from someone cutting themselves with a kitchen knife making dinner to an actual stabbing. It's why they say "responding to a report of....". That being said, seems like there are a lot more idiots this year in all aspects of reported crimes.

  22. We moved here from San Diego and it blows our mind how many shootings are here. Literally every morning on the news that’s what we see, if not multiple. Crazy.

  23. YES !!! I commented last night the same , on a thread about all the car accidents ! I live in sunnyslope area of phoenix and its awful, citizen app and my ring camera neighborhood app is always blowing up…its worrisome

  24. Why must the worse of the worse be blamed on local gangs like a Fox news narrative? I'm reading a lot of reports of road rage incidents involving gun shootings. This is Arizona, everyone has easy access to guns.

  25. Absolutely there is a rise in all crime, especially violent crime. People have in general lost massive amounts of empathy, morals, and general interest in the well being of their fellow human beings or even living creatures et all.

  26. a boomer falling for the republican party line, anti-mask, anti-gun control, and blaming the damn 'tik-toks' for society's downfall? color me surprised

  27. The former POTUS gave license to people to behave badly. He called for violence against those who opposed him, repeatedly. With no consequences. He even offered to pay their lawyers' bills.

  28. The current POTUS called half the Country, dangerous extremists. With, no consequences. Do you think that was wise?

  29. This kind of stuff has always happened, I think it’s because people are more interested in these incidents now days so there’s a lot more reporting going on.

  30. I think another factor is the influx of people from other states. Phoenix flew below the radar for a long, long time but now we have been "discovered". That big city, small town feel is disappearing fast.

  31. My advice is don’t vote for Julie Gunnigle for county attorney. She is NOT going to make this issue any better. Her lenient policies will lead to more of this.

  32. With the huge influx of people moving to Arizona from rough parts of California there has been a rise in street violence especially in the west valley. There’s also been a huge in flux in the amount of illegal crossing at the border almost a million illegal immigrants into Texas and Arizona in the last two years alone.

  33. I would say only in the hands of the right people but that’s just me. The easy availability and lack of screening I can see being an issue.

  34. I think the lions share of the crime uptick we are seeing is because of the importation of crime and those that commit crime, from other metro areas across the country. This city is still very affordable when you look at Costco of living vs other cities like Chicago and LA.

  35. My kid was one of the students locked down at Xavier. Most of the girls were herded into the locker rooms or designated classrooms, but mine was in the vicinity of the office so she spent two hours in a "vault" room in the office with one other student and two nuns.

  36. I really don’t get it either. Honestly it just makes more sense to open carry these days because you just don’t know what can go on in these streets.

  37. I've lived here for a year and Ive been shot at or had shots fired near me almost every other day all year. I'm just going to college and grocery shopping other than that I stay home. Even in my nice gated community next to the sheriff's office, there is still shootings right outside my apartment almost daily. Edit: I would never bring my kids here.

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