This is my FIRST tattoo. I’m deaf in my left ear and I’ve never been more excited!

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  1. Damn, I've been deaf in one ear and married over 30 years, that woman will still talk to me from that side and get angry that I don't respond.

  2. I've got trouble remembering to talk towards people that can hear in both ears, you would hate talking to me lol

  3. My husband gets confused as to what ear is the deaf one and damned it's frustrating sometimes. He doesn't get mad though, he just looks very very confused when I don't answer. 😂

  4. I'm partially hard of hearing in my right ear -- very specific frequencies that impact understanding voices.

  5. I thought I am the only person on this planet living like this. I lost my hearing ability of right ear in an accident. Even my wife doesn't know neither friends nor best friend. Only Mom knows about it.

  6. Are you sure you're being consistent with your "deaf" ear? It can't just switch ears when you want to ignore her, she might catch on.

  7. Oh my god. I’m also deaf in one ear but forgot unsure enough to have been born that way so I’m pretty adapted, but I get accused of typical “selective hearing” like dude cut me some slack.

  8. literallly same, but not married, shit even my family that i grew up with forgets and ive been deaf in my left ear for 26 years, still get yelled at for "not listening" lmao

  9. My brother caused a scene on an airplane once. He’s deaf in one ear and the flight attendant kept telling him to turn his phone off but was taking into his deaf ear. She thought he was ignoring her.

  10. I absolutely loved fucking with my girlfriends because of being deaf in one ear. I would always just tell them I didn't hear them because they were on my bad side. They'd have to really think about which side they were on when they had been talking to me.

  11. I suffer from tinnitus (aircraft maintenance and was in too many bands growing up) and im not fully deaf, and my wife has a bad habit of mumbling and not looking at me (so I can read her lips) when shes talking to me and still gets mad at me when I can't hear her. I will never understand this anger, if the roles were reversed I'd die of embarrassment every single time. The only thing that's worse is that because im not fully deaf I get so many mean jokes about "selective hearing". Idk how you made it 30 years but yea im over it and it's not even been a decade yet.

  12. I’m at 19 years and counting —been hoping she’ll eventually catch on but you quashed that. In a weird way I consider it a compliment that she doesn’t remember—a sign that I’m good at managing my deaf ear.

  13. I think you have an higher IQ than all these people who refuse to understand the point. Ear is an input device, so it should definitely be a mic.

  14. the reason it works is because when I sit down at my computer and see that symbol, for me as the user, it means I am not going to hear sound. On a quick glance of this tattoo, while maybe not technically correct, that is the first thing people are going to quickly associate with the tattoo. its fine as is.

  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that. I was thinking of getting a mic with a frayed cable to indicate my partial hearing loss.

  16. Nah, a muted speaker is the way to go for this case. It’s the same reason Discord, Zoom, etc. use a muted microphone to convey “this person is muted, you won’t hear from them”.

  17. On Zoom when you see someone’s mic is muted it means you won’t hear them, when their speakers are muted it means they won’t hear you.

  18. All of the controversy between speaker or mic, why not just a exclamation in a red triangle to show a device error?

  19. I can never seem to fully commit to any tattoos... I really want an earring that says "out of order" for my left ear. Can't find one tho :(

  20. Deaf in the opposite ear and tattoo free. If I worked a field where I interacted with people a lot in busy areas then I'd probably get a similar tattoo.

  21. You are correct. But I actually polled friends and family to see if the speaker or microphone made more immediate sense to them and this one won by a landslide.

  22. THANK YOU. Last time I pointed this out they blocked me form the is subreddit (old account). Be prepared for blockage.

  23. I don’t understand why some people keep mentioning the icon you used and trying to correct it. I would see this and immediately think, that for OP, my face speaker or any other sound is muted for that ear.

  24. I've watched enough inkmasters to be able to critique this and say the lining is terribly executed. I hope you didn't pay more than $20 for that.

  25. I’m less triggered by how it’s backwards than how awful and asymmetrical the line work is. I really hope there’s a story behind this like letting a friend practice on him. Needs to be redone immediately if he was hoping for quality.

  26. At this point does your brain perceive sound as more or less centered? It seems to me like it could adjust and become accustomed to the way you perceive right/left sound. I mean, there are going to be different harmonic signatures as well as volume I’m sure. Anyway, I’d be interested to hear about what you experience. Cool tat!

  27. Hello, deaf on one ear since birth. So your brain tries to find out where the sound comes. I will do sweeping motions with my head to see if the sound gets louder or not and this gives good clues. In closed rooms its also easier to perceive where a sound must come from, because you can sort of distinguish if a sound comes directly to the ear or from other directions, like when it's reflected from walls(sounds kind of damped in a way)

  28. I am near total hearing loss in my right ear, but am scheduled for surgery to correct it. One thing that's super nice about one bad ear is rolling over onto my good ear when I am trying to fall asleep.

  29. You should update if it helps. I’m deaf in my right and it’s been really hard with a lot of people thinking I don’t pay attention to what they are saying. I’m good at reading lips though

  30. One of my friends had pretty much if not th exact same tattoo for the same reason, and iirc it's on the same side too.

  31. I am ALMOST deaf in my left ear and had a very similar idea, thanks for showing me how it would look like 👍

  32. Also deaf in my left ear. I got a similar tattoo for the exact reason you mentioned. Still doesn’t work. Lol. My wife and friends still talk on my left side from time time to time.

  33. You really should put that on your forehead so that it's not so hidden. You think you are excited now? You'll be double, or even triple excited to have it on your forehead.

  34. I have the mute symbol from iPhone on both sides in the same place. Got em about 6 yrs ago Edit: my cochlear implants kind of make my tattoo lie though. I can hear some now but just not enough to understand everyday speech.

  35. I’m deaf in my right ear since birth (The deafness is caused by no nerves from the cochlear to the brain, otherwise the ear is functioning normally).

  36. I'm deaf in my right ear. Even my own parents, who had to live through my ear surgeries and all those troubles, sometimes forget which side I can hear out of. If I were the kind to get a tattoo, this would be in serious consideration for my first.

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