Texas bans more books than any other state

  1. Examples of some of the books banned in some Florida and some in other nationwide: The Kite Runner, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Vampire Academy, House of Night, The Lovely Bones, Crown of Feathers series, The Trials of Apollo series

  2. I’m sorry, but when it comes to children, it’s not a free for all in school. If they want to explore any information they want they can literally go anywhere else to get it.

  3. Outlawing reading in Texas is like outlawing teleportation. It feels good to think you’ve accomplished something but nothing fundamentally changes.

  4. I wonder what Fox viewership is like in TX compared to other states. I mean they re-elected Lyin Ted Cancún Cruz. I'm sure it's a lot of fear and misinformation. But then there's part of the border. That itself is a Pandora's box.

  5. I guess Patrick Star was onto something when he said Texans were dumb. Who knew SpongeBob was a show about the future.

  6. Texas bans states too? Is there anything they won't ban? J/k I know what they mean. They mean that Texas is under the control of fascist degenerates. Fucking assholes.

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