61 percent of Republicans think US should be declared a Christian Nation

  1. “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they're sure trying to do so, it's going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can't and won't compromise. I know, I've tried to deal with them.”

  2. Later in his life Barry Goldwater began to realize the monster that the Republican Party had formed into, and possibly how he was partially responsible for creating it.

  3. John Boehner once gave an interview to 60 minutes where he was asked if he was willing to compromise. He hemmed and hawed until finally saying he would never compromise his values.

  4. Congress make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting its free exercise.....

  5. Sounds like 61% of republicans would feel more at home in Iran. Yeah, I know, Christianity, but it’s the same Abrahamic god, should be close enough for religious fascists. Let me show you the door…

  6. Or history. Once everyone is Christian the sectarian violence begins. Not much thought is required to get to reductio ad absurdum.

  7. To be fair, they interpret the constitution the same way they do the bible, it means whatever is convenient for them at the moment.

  8. But that’s a Wahhabiast Islamic Theocracy. That’s not the real religion. An Evangelical Christian Theocracy will be a Utopia. If we all just believe really hard.

  9. The baby eating democrats thing is actually called Blood Libel and dates back about 1000 years in Europe. It was used extensively as a justification to ostracize and kill jews.

  10. That Gallup polling was surely of registered voters, not all Americans, your population figure includes children under 18 who certainly aren't identifying as Democrats or Republicans at this point in their lives.

  11. Missed the fact that the census includes people 17 and younger. They probably are not part of people that identify as D R or I. Therefore less then 1 in 7 people. Unless the people saying this have more children brainwashed then ones that are not.

  12. Friendly reminder that there is no difference between an Islamic State and a Christian State.

  13. A smaller number of that same population feel that the US should be declared a Christian nation by any means possible. Those are the ones to be careful of.

  14. Christianity is not a monolithic thing, what interpretation of Christianity are they advocating for? A very close friend of mine has stopped identifying as Christian because of how some Christians act. They now identify as following the teachings of Christ and thinks many of the most vocal “Christians” are doing the work of an antichrist.

  15. This is what they don't understand. If they are the wrong kind of Christian they will be in the camps with the rest of us.

  16. That's kind of like me. Raised in a Christian church. While I think the gospel of Jesus is a good code of ethics, I have no need for the concept that he was literally God. If anything I more closely identify as an Animist any more.

  17. Yes, if we're going to be a Christian nation, it should be mandatory to live by the teachings of Christ. Excess wealth is to be used exclusively to help the less fortunate, and anyone who judges others is to themselves be judged equally harshly.

  18. They're using whatever interpretation of the Bible allows them to subjugate others. This isn't about living to honor the principles of Jesus, this is about power, and subjugation.

  19. But feeding the poor, healing the sick and sheltering the homeless, like what Jesus did/preached, is radical, communist extremism to these fucking idiots.

  20. So here is the thing. There are a billion sects of Christianity. Which one will be the dominate? What will happen if you aren't in the dominate sect? I know it is too much to ask for these people to think about these things but they will end up in the camps with the rest of us.

  21. I bring this up to my Christian family who wants a theocracy. “Well if it’s done right”….they say. And I ask them well which Christianity? You want Roman Catholic? Ukrainian Orthodox? Syrian Rite Orthodox or Magdalene Rite Orthodox? You want Southern Baptist? Assemblies of God? Old Order Amish? Mennonite? German Baptist? Church of the Brethren? Grace Brethren?

  22. Proving how unAmerican most Republicans are. The separation of church and state is one of the very founding principles of this country. We wouldn’t be the USA without it. Republicans have seen “The Handmaids Tale” and they think it is their utopia.

  23. I love how the party always banging on about respect for the almighty constitution has 61% of its members advocating for something made explicitly unconstitutional in the first fucking amendment. What idiots.

  24. There are deep problems with about 25% of the country are delusional and brainwashed by right wing propaganda and christofascism. We need strong programs to deprogram and educate these people in a controlled setting before it's too late.

  25. First Amendment - “Fuck it, this is my religion and you will obey no matter what the Constitution says. It’s really just a guideline anyway.”

  26. Lucky for the rest of us, only 25% of Americans are registered Republicans so 61% of Republicans is approx 16% of Americans. In a room of 25 people that's 4 assholes.

  27. Did you miss the 38% of Independents and 17% of Democrats as well? And I would expect the unregistered voters probably have numbers similar to Republicans.

  28. I'm also Jewish and I second this. At best, we'd be shipped off to Israel to get rid of us. At worst, we'd be forced to convert or threatened with death for blasphemy when we don't accept Jesus.

  29. Presumably one in which government policy follows the principles espoused by Christ. You know, feeding the hungry, helping the poor and healing the sick. Right guys?

  30. Really, does one choose Catholic, Presbyterian, Anglican, Baptist or what? Which Christian?

  31. An astonishingly large number of them also believe that the constitution is divinely inspired, except the establishment clause, I guess.

  32. What normal people don’t get and won’t understand until it’s too late is that MAGAs will force them to choose between a life of subservience to their “religion” or being targets of their violence.

  33. I'm Jewish, but what I know of Jesus makes him sound like those socialists that Republicans fear. He provided healthcare to the sick for free. He fed the hungry. He welcomed travelers. Also, he was a brown skinned Jew. If Biblical Jesus were to reappear today, the right would deport him ASAP.

  34. Another reason to vote against all republicans this November 2022. Then repeat voting against all republicans in November 2024

  35. "When facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"; inaccurately attributed variously to Sinclair Lewis, Upton Sinclair, H.L. Mencken, and Huey Long.

  36. Then 61%of Americans do not have any idea of how and why thd constitution was written. Nor what the signers' vision of a United States of America was.

  37. Just a reminder to you members of the Christian Nation… 61% of Republicans are not, and never will be a majority no matter how do the math. Don’t try to pretend you’re a majority by standing on some platform to spread the lies that you propagate.

  38. Sad part about Christianity is that it is all about what you can't do. You never see any of them complaining about the stuff that they are expected to do.

  39. God and all the other gods from all the other ancient civilizations, don’t actually exist. They were made up by primitive humans, they are not real supernatural beings.

  40. Hahah hell yea make it a Christian state that way we can just increasing taxes overall and make an additional 10% of our income go right to the church’s pocket. We can just completely destroy free thought and freedom of religion and choice.

  41. A minority of old religious men passing laws based on “Gods” will is not tenable. To give a little perspective. 61% of Republicans is roughly 30 million people which only in the neighborhood 9% of the total population of the US. And the number of religious people keeps shrinking.

  42. Unfortunately the Republican Party’s policy of making the electorate as dumb and uninformed as possible is working.

  43. Try it boyos. If Afghanistan style ultra violence is what you want, do it. No one will live in peace or be happy.

  44. I’d like them to name the Mormons to see the evangelicals lose their shit and start throwing down abomination epithets and threatening violence.

  45. 61% of Americans are so un-educated that they are unaware that America’s founders EXPLICITLY asked for separation of Church and State. Why are we polling people who most probably haven’t even achieved a GED?

  46. Fortunately the second amendment works both ways. Sorry I’m not accepting your sky daddy. If sky daddy is your thing, you do you, but leave me out of it.

  47. Dear Heavenly Father, we ask for your guidance on how to treat this terrible disease that has infested the mind, body and soul. This malignant tumor spreads its hate on Your children by using Your name to fuel its un-Heavenly behavior. One can only imagine that Heaven is full of peaceful people. We do realize that these carriers are always forgiven no matter how deep Satan has saturated their soul. We pray that You help us find a cure to eliminate this horrible CANCERvative disease. In God's name, Amen.

  48. "Declared" yea, no that's not how anything in the USA works, by declaration so I don't really understand how you would poll that idea because it assumes their is some magical path to being a Christian nation called declaration. That's not a thing.

  49. The key word here is think. Like in you didn't think this through, you didn't read the Constitution. I think you should, you are obvious to think that Christianity is not the only religion practiced in America, Republicans don't speak for the entire Nation on Religious values and should not blatantly think they do, and a few Republicans need to stop speaking on behalf of all Republicans and allowing sanitized articles speak for them instead of speaking up for themselves individually.

  50. Y'all Queda, the American Taliban, call it what you will, if they had as much power they wouldn't hesitate to use it to the same degree or worse.

  51. No one cares what they want. They aren’t Christian anyways. Send them to Iran and see how they like not separating church from state

  52. the usa can't declare anything re: religion representative of the whole usa. You have to go back in time and tell Miles Standish they were all wrong and that the government can tell you which religion to worship (like the king of England did)

  53. So... roughly 30% of the country (assuming a roughly equal division of voters and that none of the rest believe the same).

  54. We all know that these republicans are straight up mental. But what in the hell are the democrats and independents thinking in their responses? That’s a whole lot of yikes.

  55. What is the point? To make it illegal in this country to be of another religion? What about Atheism and Agnosticism?

  56. Oh shit - that’s going to be the new flag and bumper sticker fad? These people have no style….

  57. And if they did - what flavor of christianity would they go with. Catholic ? Mormon ? And what would be the net effect of such a declaration ? Christians are better citizens and non christians second class ?

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