Don't Kill Your Dog in SHTF

  1. Our dogs have their own go-bag with food, tick remover, calming meds, a first aid kit for them, backup collar, slip lead, brushes, etc etc, and of course I would grab a toy or two if possible on the way out. Hands will be thrown before someone touches them.

  2. We currently don’t have pets, and my plan if SHTF before we have one is to get a dog and a cat ASAP. They’re literally bred to help humans survive.

  3. My SiL has a chihuahua that yaps and barks like there's no fucking tomorrow, regardless of who it is or what it is. In my mind that thing would be a larger risk than an asset.

  4. If SHTF tomorrow my dog would get a mercy bullet. He's almost 15, which is old as hell for a Labrador. He can barely walk around the house anymore. In his first 12 years though he'd have been a great asset. Along with being a great alert system, he could blood trail, spot squirrels and coons, and retrieve a variety of game. Great hunting buddy.

  5. Hanging out with, no. People who exist in prepper circles and who literally have commented on this thread though...

  6. Also: dogs have been with us for about 14 000 years, much of which was a more difficult time to survive than the SHTF scenarios most are planning for. They are with us, because all that time, they've pulled their own weight. Any dog that's not a genetic graffiti on the history of the species is going to be an asset to their group, and not a liability.

  7. Wtf dogs are more useful than some people in SHTF. You only have to take some measures in case the animal went uncontrollable (least probably if you are near) and start luring dangers.

  8. I had a talk with my mother a few weeks back when the Ukraine invasion was really getting underway. She's moved in with me, (which is fine, she's a good housemate) so she has a small idea of my preps, I just tell her it's for camping. But with all the nuclear worry that started up and people wondering where they were "in the rings", she was having worries so I told her the plan for that scenario.

  9. I think we would be surprised at how many people would fight to survive if this scenario ever actually happened. I bet your mom would haul ass with you and the dog.

  10. My thought is to survive the initial blast of possible and then after that you can still die if it’s as bad as you think it will be. But what if it’s not? What if there is only a couple bombs and one is near you? Then society and infrastructure will still be present after you come out of hiding. If it’s nothing but nuclear winter then you can still off yourself.

  11. To everyone saying WTF, I have seen comments before when people were criticized for asking how to include pets in their preps. Some people think it's okay to dump, abandon or "get rid of" what to many is a family member.

  12. My sister's malamute saved their house from burning down. Trash can fire in the garage. He dug at the garage door and whined until my sister came over to see what was up. Opened the door and woosh. Not even the garage was a total loss.

  13. My lab mix posts up to watch my kids (school age) when I run inside to get something. I didn't train it, but he puts himself between them and anyone that even enters the block, but only sits and watches the person- does not bark unless they break the line of the front yard (not fenced) not including the sidewalk- he knows everyone is allowed there, but even then it's only an alarm bark and putting himself up as a barrier. If I talk to them he stops- and immediately wants to say hi.

  14. I live in my old van with both my dogs. I don’t eat unless they do. They depend on me and I depend on them. The dogs are my family and we will be sticking together through any event

  15. I know. The comment above says we'd all eat our pets, but those who work with the homeless know that a lot of folks. especially the elderly and disabled, will actually starve to make sure their animals don't go hungry. Society makes us sociopaths. Decoupling makes us understand the value of unconditional companionship.

  16. Listen if Amazon tribes can keep a dog alive I can keep my dog alive they can eat all the natsy shit that I'm not gonna eat. Fish guts, etc.

  17. Goddamn I’d make a plate carrier for my dog before myself. That little dude is coming with me wherever I go.

  18. I have an Ibizan hound, she is the most alert constantly wired dog I’ve ever met/owned. From my experience in owning her a lot of people are intimidated in the way she looks at them, ears pointed sky high, head low and super intense stare. She doesn’t like anyone coming close to my girlfriend or I and tends to growl when people are “too close” and seems to be a very good judge of character. She can hunt rabbits like no tomorrow it’s what they were specifically bred for which would be great in a survival scenario when a gun would be too compromising. She brings us so much joy that id never be able to end her life.

  19. If I shoot my dog it's because we're both fucked and I'm next. For fucks sake. May as well shoot little Timmy there in the wheelchair. Don't need that weight either.

  20. Anyone who shoots their dog when the shtf would most likely be making so many other stupid decisions that they woukd be gone by day 30.

  21. My dog just died, i cant imagine intentionally inflicting this on my family during an already high stress time. Especially with how useful dogs are.

  22. People who kills their dogs during shtf are the reason I prep. I have a lot of Vietnamese coworkers who joke about eating my dog in the apocalypse. They didn’t think it was funny when I told them they’re higher up on the menu than my dog if it came to it.

  23. It would be unwise to make jokes about eating my dog in the apocalypse. It just adds “neutralize dog killer” to my SHTF to-do list.

  24. I have like 3 weeks of food for people and 3 months of food for my dog. I think it’s obvious where my priorities lie lol

  25. dogs have their own kit, plus I have some of their stuff inside my own gtfo bag just in case I can't get their bags on them. People are nuts if they're going to get rid of their dogs in a situation like that. They're extremely useful to have around

  26. I would burn everything to the ground and go out in a blaze of glory before killing my dog. Skeeter is my Ride Or Die friend for life.

  27. My pets are literally the reason I started prepping! Around June of 2020 cat food was so scarce in my town that I started panicking for my fur babies. Now not only are they taken care of now but my whole family as well. Crazy that I used to not prep, it's now a daily thing I think about.

  28. I would never. My husky is ancient and I've got preps for him. My cavalier is actually an amazing guard dog. She doesn't bark, like ever. I taught her as a puppy that barks are only for emergencies. She's small but she's alert and her tail is a great early warning system. Plus I have her well trained. I've got preps for her too, but she will eat far less than my husky so I always planned to supplement her kibble with table scraps. Huskies gonna husky but he's as well trained as you can get from a husky lol.

  29. To add a note on security, even if the dog is super friendly, outsiders don’t know that. Just the presence of an unknown dog alone will dissuade some from approaching.

  30. My pets are included in my preps. I've even trained my cat to ride in the car without screaming his face off like most cats do. Unless euthanasia is on the table, a bullet isn't.

  31. I played enough Fallout 4 to agree with you a hundred percent. You damn right I’ll strap a flak vest to my 14 year old chihuahua with no teeth.

  32. What kind of idiot would kill their dog. My dog is my best fucking friend. I would kill and eat another human being if shit hit the fan before i harmed my dog.

  33. so 23,000 years of cooperation and reliance between species and when shit hits the fan, you shoot your domesticated partner?

  34. Some anthropologists have speculated that the only reason humans even got this far is because of our alliance with dogs and cats. Without them to protect us from predators and pests we’d probably still be cowering from the spooky noises and getting eaten by wolves.

  35. Idc what the situation is I’m not ever hurting my dog she can eat me if food was short for all I care

  36. Unpopular opinion bear: I definitely store some for my animals. But it has been a much higher priority to store food for refugees and charity. A child is way more important than a dog, even a stranger child is more valuable than your own beloved pet. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  37. I'm only a few paragraphs through, but had to take a break to say this: "the floater hits the rotor" is fucking poetry.

  38. So, first time was a neighbour, who was marching towards me to give me hell about some made up thing. I had my back turned at first, but turned when my dog pricked up his ears and started high-tailing it towards I-didn't-know-what. The guy was a real aggressive sort of person, I'd heard him yelling at his family in ways I cant describe, and I'm sure there was more going on behind closed doors. He barked in this guy's face–literally jumped right up at him, put his face at the same level as this 6'-ish man's face– just as I turned around to see him opening his mouth to shout at me. The guy took about six steps back and proceeded to read me his latest riot act, but much more nervously and without actually entering the gate he'd been in the process of opening.

  39. I would have to be starving to kill my dog, but I wouldn’t be starving because my dog would help me hunt. Probably start eating humans before I eat my dog.

  40. In Alaska, I’m the native villages, the dogs always eat first. My grandfather was working in a native village with the Army National Guard once and asked about it. He was told “these are working dogs, not pets. If a human skips a meal, we’ll go hungry until we find more food. If a dog skips a meal, they might make a meal out of the first kid they come across.” So, the dogs always eat first.

  41. Who the fuck said they'd kill their dog in that situation? A dog is FAR more valuable alive, and my dogs are like my kids.. Hell, half the reason I got my prepper and SHTF kit is to protect my dogs (and the family).

  42. Why would you kill your dog? Lol my dog is my lookout. I've taught her to watch for things and let me know if she sees something. She goes deer hunting with me ffs. The last I'd kill would be my dog.

  43. I can't be the only one who chose thier dog for SHTF scenario right? My BMC is a squirrel master I have no doubt he would sustain himself and leave me left-overs in a shtf.

  44. If the thought even crosses your head you just shouldn't have a dog in the first place. Same people would probably just have their dog put down or put in a shelter because they got bored with it or it got sick and they didn't want to pay for the bills.

  45. We prep FOR the dogs. And Keep a min of 6 months food on hand for each of them. Meds…packs…ETC. kill the dogs? Just Nope

  46. I knew having a dog would be useful in alerting, but I was baffled by mine's ability the tell one's "state of mind"/intentions.

  47. I have a completely blind puppy, she notices people approaching before the dogs that can see do! I couldnt even imagine putting her down just becauae SHTF because even blind she is great for alerting us and morale.

  48. I don't know this is true, but what I heard is that hungry, desperate people don't hurt their own dogs, but they are perfectly fine with hurting someone else's.

  49. I had to do a double take with this one. I have never heard this mentioned by anyone I know or even knew it was a thing. We are prepped for all our animals as we have prepped for ourselves. We should all have plans in place for emergencies that include our animals.

  50. I wouldn't shoot my dog because I trained my dog, he's off leash and lostens, even when he's facing wild animals, probably the best, most well behaved dog on the face of this earth and I'd die beside him because he would with me.

  51. Yeah WTF. I got two and they both coming with me. One is a big dummy but will charge a bear if asked and is 50 lbs of muscle, and the other can read my mind and can sniff out a mouse better then our cats, and catch it without harming it if I ask. No way are these two are leaving my side. The cats on the other hand. I will let them loose and they can choose to come with or just do their cat thang lol

  52. Don't forget about hunting, ratting, sledding, and carrying goods. There are reasons they are among the very first animals man domesticated. I wouldn't ever want to go back to the stone age without them.

  53. Kill your dog? Fuck that noise! For me it's not only my dogs but all my animals. 3 sheep, 1 goat,2 cats, 2 dogs, a whole bunch of chickens and ducks, maybe even a pig depending on the season.... They're all leaving with me if I have to go. This is assuming a regular evacuation due to wildfire or some shit and not shtf.

  54. The people who would shoot the dog(s) are the people who have not taken the time to train their animals, get in tune with their animals or build trust both way with their animals. If you cannot see the value in your dog far exceeds what it would take to sustain them then it is a lack on your part.

  55. I truly dont know what I would do. Our dog is blind. She wasn't born that way, she got ran over later in life. She is clever and has learned the yard by memory, but if we were having to travel (which is the plan) she wouldn't know the new places. All of us trying to fit I the cramped vehicle would be miserable. She hates car rides. Also we have cats and I'm afraid they would run off. I would feel better knowing they weren't out starving, wondering why we aren't there for them.

  56. This is the Realistic answer. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I can't even begin to imagine having to.. I fear the day mine pass, hopefully with full bellies in their old spoiled ass age.

  57. I had a pet rabbit and I still have many other exotic pets. I made my mind a long time ago that if it were them or my family, I'm choosing my family. It will suck but if we had to, we're having rabbit/spider/hermit crab stew.

  58. Has anybody read "A boy and his dog"? It's a post apocalyptic story about how a guy's dog keeps him alive after the SHTF. Cool book.

  59. Who the hell is planning to kill their dog if shit goes down? Might as well be talking about killing your kids to save on food. Crazy talk. They are family. They are the reason you prep.

  60. Who are these people who think they have to shoot their dog? I've never read anyone say that. This looks like some Karma farming to me.

  61. That seems so drastic to kill your dog. At WORST, I would think about releasing her if shtf. She has a pretty good chance of survival as a stray. None with a bullet. But neither of those is happening until I have no other choice

  62. Ok, read more comments on this post then come back and tell me. There are many right here. Not the majority, mercifully, but enough it makes me sick to my stomach.

  63. Yeah, you will get some war stories from Mariupol and you will realize that things change when you haven't eaten for a week and your mouth is dry like paper.

  64. IMO if you aren’t willing to have that conversation with yourself are you really going to make it? I’d love to keep my dog, but if I can’t feed him then he’s not going to make it. I’m not saying if it all went to shit that I’d shoot my dog first thing, but I could see a situation in which I can’t care for him and putting him down would be the humane thing to do.

  65. My dogs can feed themselves pretty well. I've watched them take out a bird mid air and pick squirrels off a tree trunk too. More importantly they can and will protect me from intruders, they do pull heavy loads,carry packs and protect my livestock.

  66. IDK, ask the many commenters on this post who think they would. No, they're not the majority, but they're enough that I haven't even gotten through 1/4 of these comments and I'm depressed AF.

  67. I can’t believe that’s a thing people do! I’ve got sick and needy animals and if SHTF I guess we’ll all die together.

  68. This reminds me of a post I saw recently. I think it was an American in Russia panicking due to the current Ukraine war. They decided to leave their life in Russia and were considering putting the dog to sleep...instead of finding a home for it. They believed a famine was going to come to Russia and were worried about the dog being eaten. (I personally think it was an overreaction and do not think that will happen in Russia., but most of the people in the thread agreed, considering morbid past famines that have occurred in Russia & Ukraine). Just a random comment lol.

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