New outbreak

  1. Seems to be gaining traction. I’m sure everyone will suddenly know everything about the disease and argue about it’s origins.

  2. I really worry about the children in these younger generations. If this monkey pox becomes a big things it could be a nail in the coffin for a lot of children's ability to cope with natural disasters, along with a nail in the coffin for the public school system. I sincerely hope it's a nothing-burger but just some rumblings.

  3. Fortunately, unlike covid, we know a decent bit more about monkeypox, and already have vaccines formulated for it. Additionally, the majority of the older population (boomers) are already innoculated for smallpox, which also offers immunity against monkeypox. So, while monkeypox is deadlier, solutions are already available. Much less worrisome than covid was in the early months. Main concern is if it's mutated significantly to increase the r0, which very well could be the case.

  4. when did they stop giving out smallpox vaccines in the USA? I'm 38 so I doubt I have it. it's not on my childhood vaccination record

  5. The historically low r0 is probably explained in part by the immunity provided by the smallpox vaccine, unless those calculations somehow corrected for it. As the smallpox-vaccinated population dies off while overall population continues to increase, we lose the herd immunity effect and r0 increases.

  6. Honestly, I’m just pissed. We’re just slowly getting travel back to normal and now another effing thing comes around to threaten my job. F you monkey pox.

  7. From quick research it seems monkey pox has a 10-15% mortality rate among young children, and a mortality rate far below 1% for healthy adults. Interesting and kind of scary, I'm not particularly worried as a healthy adult, but think of the children.

  8. It's definitely off pattern to have so many countries have cases in what looks like community spread.

  9. The world burned out all its give-a-shit on a virus with a 0.05% CFR. Now we might be getting one with what might be a 10% CFR and it's going to be treated like a boy crying wolf.

  10. If you’re not an epidemiologist or relevant professional I literally could not care less about you’re running theories or thoughts. I think after the last few years we would all do a little better to realize that.

  11. At this point everyone on my block could be dead of ebola and I still wouldn't give a shit. 2 years of incessant fear mongering and hysteria over the last thing is gonna have me jaded for a long ass time.

  12. I am not too worried because infection is signified by gross pus-filled sacs. If I see that I am going to stay away. That was a big problem with these mask mandates, we could not evaluate as well whether someone was diseased or crazy.

  13. People are contagious before those develop. Usually 7-14 days before symptoms appear. Can be as little as 5 or as many as 21 days though.

  14. Got my bugout packed and ready to go. By 6pm gona hit the road to my secluded hideaway to keep distance from the virus. Got mountain house ready2go meals.

  15. Welp this is a good litmus test. If you can honestly read this and think: Yeah, this theory checks out, you are dangerously in rabbit hole.

  16. Doesn't seem like that big a deal. 1) small outbreaks have been happening for a long time 2) there's already a vaccine for it 3) so far only affecting people who have traveled to the parts of Africa where it is found or have come in contact with infected animals.

  17. R/monkeypox has a plausible theory that it's a Russian bio weapon. Given how fast its spread and that its infected NATO countries

  18. Some dude caught it in Nigeria where its endemic then went to gay sex orgies in the UK and banged hundreds of people and a few of them got it. Just business as usual.

  19. I expect that it will be twice as bad as the ebola outbreak that we had here in the US except not as many deaths. Not that the corporate media will paint it like that, though.

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