I Made a Free Escape-like Mystery That Will Challenge Your Coding and Problem-solving Abilities

  1. Did it request crazy permissions? What's the logic behind this? Genuinely curious. Imo it's better than having it's own auth. Can't do much with a Google user id and only the granted permissions. And if it were to leak it would be useless.

  2. Thank you very much! As you noticed, AoC was a big inspiration for this project - however in a more escape-like setting 😊

  3. I made a zoom feature for the input files - could you check that it is not set to the lowest value? That would make the page appear almost completely black 😊

  4. Please share again when sign up is no longer required (even if saving progress isn't possible.) I'd love to try it, but don't want to end up with emails that I can't unsubscribe from.

  5. Why the mandatory sign-in? (Especially with Facebook and Google which both contain highly personal information and leaves no room for anonymity.)

  6. It is simply a way of creating an account seamlessly to store progress. It should mention that you share no information except from your name and email.

  7. I got to the large steel doors, but I don't really understand where coding comes in or how I'm supposed to use the piece of paper to do anything. Is this meant for any coding language? I wish there was some guide to help understand how to go about the mystery

  8. A “how to” guide would be a good idea 👍 Essentially, you need to utilize the two puzzle text files as input to a program that you need to write in order to find the answer required at the steel doors. You can use any coding language you like to do this 😊

  9. "You are using Firefox, please ensure that Enhanced Tracking Protection is OFF." ... i am still using Firefox and wonders why you need "enhanced tracking" ... aka 3rd party cookies?

  10. It is required for signing in using the providers. Others have experienced the sign in failing, if the enhanced tracking protection is on.

  11. Thanks for fixing the final challenge. It was not accepting my answer yesterday. Thought I was losing my mind. :D

  12. Thank you for spotting and reporting that. It was a misconfiguration in the email API, and should be resolved for all future emails.

  13. If you already chose one of the sign-in providers, you need to use the same one again. I will look into improving this, thank you for mentioning it 😊

  14. I use the email as identifier for your account and to send an email - which you can unsubscribe from. Your name I get per default, and don’t use except for writing who you’re signed in as.

  15. Update: As requested by many of you, it is now possible to complete the mystery without signing in 🙌🙌 Simply choose “Skip for now” on the sign-in page 😊

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