Match Thread: Portugal vs Spain | UEFA Nations League

  1. This is why I hate negative football and its proponents (coaches and fans). It's a reactive philosophy. If Morata had lost that chance and it had ended 0-0 Santos would have been praised to the high heavens for "curtailing that Spain team", "being pragmatic and knowing what he wanted" and bags of shit like that. The way Mou is praised with Inter against Barca in 2010. It's a philosophy of "if your opponents don't win, you're praised, and if they win, you're wank", even if basically the same thing happens in both instances.

  2. I was so sure Spain would win that I put 100£ on them at the 70min. Thank you Fernando Santos. Looking forward for my bet for Portugal to not go through the group stage in the WC.

  3. He should play big part. First he should give in his captain band. And then fight to play in the team. He should be great substitute. Opponents will be in fear that Ronaldo may come on anytime

  4. Well deserved loss by Fernando santos you got exactly the result you deserved! You are literally the reason for this horrible performance and every other performance from this squad!

  5. Its funny because because he also said after the game that the loss didnt meant nothing and still has a contract until 2024

  6. Funny I was just reading today about how England and Portugal have one of the longest standing alliances in modern history. Somewhere Santos and Southgate are playing checkers discussing their big ideas.

  7. Ronaldo should just come off the bench instead of undoing the 15 years of hard work on his behalf to get Portugal to where it is. He is so disjointed. Like there’s 5 minutes left in the game and you still refuse to press. Come on man.

  8. Pretty solid to be honest but hard to play particularly good with a coach hell bent on not taking advantage of the talent around him

  9. Fernando Santos watches Mourinho masterclass YouTube video everyday and it shows World.cup gonna be cool

  10. Mourinho wouldn't have started Ronaldo and wouldn't put Joao Mário in. He's a defensive coach but he's not an idiot.

  11. Ronaldo and Santos would do Portugal a favour if they packed up and left… Ronaldo missed chances he couldn’t have missed, coupled with the 0 defensive work he puts in and obnoxious capability to pass a ball. And Santos is just taking the piss, waiting till 75mins to sub in players, when we spent 60mins pressing Spain and running after the ball. What a delusional old sock!

  12. Portugal was playing well. It seemed a nice system, the players are world class and have chemistry togheter. Spain possessive style of playing is hard on the opposition stamina, it's common sense. The subs were outrageously late...

  13. Santos saw 4 young players come in at the same time and put pressure on an exhausted midfield and all he did was look at his watch and witness spain instal themselves in our area, and the first move he makes is fucking joao mario lmao

  14. Portugal only have themselves to blame, even disregarding their defensive setup, they had 3-4 chances that they really should have buried, especially the Ronaldo one where he was caught napping by the defender behind him

  15. Spain put in starters in the midfield for the last 30 mins and looked like Spain dominating play. What a shit first 60 mins with Koke Rodri and Soler

  16. Santos must have bet a lot of money on a Spain win. It felt like he was doing everything he could to throw the game away.

  17. What English song was playing at the stadium? The one where it goes "we will put it all together" or something like that

  18. Imagine thinking waiting for the subs this long actually gets you something...what the fuck is Felix supposed to do in 5 minutes. First midfield subs should have happened right after Spain subbed in Gavi and Pedri instead it happened 20 MINUTES LATER...

  19. My hate for Fernando Santos grows every game we play. FUCKING FIRE THE CUNT. HE CAN'T EVEN GET DRAWS ANYMORE. IT'S TIME TO GO

  20. Always the same shit with santos. Why the fuck would you put João Mário in a game like this? And Vitinha and Rafael leão should have went in 10 min earlier

  21. Why? Have you actually nota seen how Portugal plays? We ONLY defend, dont have a fucking routine and Will always pass to Ronaldo no matter what

  22. i havent seen a single good moment from Leao the whole time he has been on. Absolutely shameful performance

  23. Ronaldo isn't the issue with this team, its playing for a 0-0 every game when you're loaded with attacking talent, and waiting for players to be exhausted before making any subs.

  24. WC is in less than 2 months. You must be completely high if you even think that he is gone before. There is nothing good that comes from this loss

  25. He won’t be. That’s the sad part. It’s way too close to the WC for any of these teams to be making coaching changes. We will have to suffer with Santos

  26. I mean Santos gave him no time to play in favor of Ronaldo swinging his arms and bitching all game while being less than useless

  27. Disaster subs. João Mário was horrible it looked like he was tired already. Leão not pressing, Felix doing nothing.

  28. As an Italy supporter I know what it's like to have a superior squad and weighed down by shitty management so I feel the Portuguese pain... But respect must be given to this Spanish squad as well. They have some incredible footballers and know how to grind wins.

  29. I dont understand why you are talking like this when you have a United States flair, why do you think you know what portuguese think?

  30. As a Milan fan I'm honestly shocked that he looks like a completly different player for Portugal compared to his last season with Milan (and the ongoing one too).

  31. Ronaldo has to be the worst captain out there. Such a toxic player. Saying this as a massive Ronnie fan.

  32. It's hard and frustrating to watch as fan. He's petulant and can't remember the last time he was held in check by a manager until recently I suppose with Ten Hag benching him

  33. No not Carvajal again playing against Felix, please no more of his tackles against my boy

  34. Portugal better do something otherwise it's the first time in 88 years they've lost to Spain in their own country.

  35. It pains me that I'm alive during one of the potential best squads we've had ever, and I'm still forced to watch this absolute terrorist football.

  36. everyone likes to talk how the nations league is just a glorified friendly but the players surely seem to disagree with their attitude on the field. most of them at least

  37. F. Santos will only be replaced when Mourinho becomes available, so, between both, we'll have to watch this dreadful football until 2040 🤷🏻‍♂️

  38. I've never rated him so high but this game and I think the Croatia game last year were absolutely stellar for him

  39. Just so tired of it always being the same shit. Need a tie, so you play like shit assuming a tie is easy, then you lose. Such a fucking waste of such talented players

  40. Nico Williams completely changed this match. He is much better than Ferran Torres and actually deserves to start there. Morata is the goat i guess

  41. Morata was downright terrible until Nico got subbed in. Sarabia was downright awful today as well. Ferran is just meh.

  42. I was just saying to my friend that Spain will just not do anything the entire match and manage to score some stupid goal and go home

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