I’m going to pass on soon

  1. I wish that more was done for you. I wish healthcare was better, and that they would help make you better. I wish we had more power to make these things happen. I wish for the world to become better. May I ask one thing of you?

  2. That’s so so sweet thank you. I wish more was done too but with Covid it’s hard. I get that but I’m so young i did expect them to do more. I think it’s just my time though. I’ve accomplished almost everything I wanted to in life. I worry about my family though they’ve been through a lot but luckily I have time to hide notes for them.

  3. I have bad ptsd where I usually have flashbacks of trauma from childhood but recently I’ve had happy flashbacks of life that happen constantly like day dreams and they’re happy memories

  4. Side note - I got Covid about 3 weeks ago and my dad passed from Covid last august. I passed for a bit in my sleep. For how long I don’t know. This is what it was like. Dream of me running to my fathers hug. As I run I transform from child to woman but never lose that child like feeling of pure. He tells me he loves me I said I love him. I ask what are you doing? As I realize this is heaven. He replies going to a game. I’m confused because I was asking what he was as doing in heaven with me, here, I was confused as you’d expect a newly passed soul to be. He turns around about to end the convo he thought it was a visit. I grabbed his shoulder and looked him in the eyes and said no what are you doing here? He looked at me the vibe changed to tense. He said there’s a lot of work to do here. I woke up and the dream came back in pieces over time. It’s vibid now. He knew it wasn’t my time I had to attend my brothers high school graduation and ensure my family is set after I pass. Loose ends.

  5. I don't know what else to say other than I'm sorry & thank you for being so strong @ 24. I'm only a year younger than you and I don't think I could fathom my life being cut short. Thank you for reminding me that not every day is promised and I don't know how long I'll be here 🤍

  6. we love you 🫶. What you’re most likely doing is just letting go. letting go of thought and being in the moment is something that personally makes me very happy. It makes me appreciate all the good times ive had and will have.But it might differ from how you feel.

  7. Hahaha thanks and it really does lol people so mad when it’s so easy to be happy honestly heaven is a mindset 💕 (happy afterlife my friend)

  8. On the bright side you may be getting out at a good time. It's not looking like the next 10 years are going to be fun at all to be living through. I wish you the best and am glad you've found peace.

  9. Do you have an article or source for information on what to realistically expect in the next 10-20 years? You seem knowledgeable and there's so much misinformation out there.

  10. You are loved more than you know. Focus on and reach out to that love the universe freely has for you. Bask in it. Don’t be afraid. The time for fear has past.

  11. It’s a blessing and a curse. I’m super connected to the other side right now. As amazing as that is it’s a whole other thing to navigate.

  12. Sorry about your health. Being in pain is no fun, and I'm glad that you're finding some peace with your situation. It's OK to die if you're ready to move on. There is much love waiting to receive you on the other side.

  13. I’ve had care, steroids, antibiotics, anti fungal, but nothing works. I’ve made my peace. I’ve had the option to go twice now and declined because I had stuff to finish. I’ve reached my peace now. A few more things to tidy up and I’m on my way.

  14. Fasting, rest, rest, more rest, and giving up and letting go I think gave my body a fighting chance. I feel good today.

  15. I love you with all my heart you are home and I welcome you back to where you will always be. Home is now and we won't even have to wait for you❤

  16. My mother abused me and my medical history. She is addicted to painkillers and my medical history …well….you can tel she’s my mom. Because of this it looks like I’m seeking. I don’t take pain meds and didn’t even take them after ny wisdom teeth surgery at 18. The ulcers were under the skin until recently. They’ve now started to pop everywhere and leak and scab. I wish I could tell you why they dismissed my symptoms once obvious. This is my best guess.

  17. I am really sorry to hear that :( Are you sure that you want to give up and pass? if no, and if you crave to stay, listen carefully as you have nothing to lose...

  18. bless you dawg i'm happy that you have found your happiness and peace, ive been reflecting on death recently, ive been seriously depressed in the past with suicidal thoughts and im looking back on that now as my dark knight of the soul, deaths feels comforting to me bruh life can be tiring and stressful sometimes, it warms my heart to see that you have found peace, your soul will live forever, physical death is just an illusion of the material reality we live in, namaste dawg god bless you

  19. Happy escape! Not being funny. You're getting off the crazy train that is life soon. Sweet. Then will come a new chapter at your next stop. Maybe you've graduated and don't need to be stuck here anymore. I'd like to graduate. Shrug.

  20. I look forward to my time. I am here for you unconditionally if you need a friend. My heart is with you, may God bless you and be with you always

  21. Much love to you..you're a warrior and it's bringing tears to my eyes to hear what you're going through. I know what it's like to try to cling to life during intense suffering where you're not sure if you're going to make it and at some point throughout the process you just start to accept this is what life amounted to and the letting go of all past ambitions. I wish the best for you here and the hereafter whenever that may occur, but I just wanted to spread my love to you and express how courageous you are. If you ever need someone to talk to along the way, I'm always here for you. Whenever the time may come, I'll see you on the other side in more peaceful terrains 🙏

  22. I have tried this too…the universe has started to give me signs it’s my time…sometimes it’s so obvious it’s like it’s laughing in my face

  23. That’s how I felt today it’s inevitable so imma enjoy the in and out of consciousness till it’s over.

  24. Could a dieta in the Amazon with ayahuasca be of any interest? There's study with psychedelics alleviating autoimmune disorders and symptoms.

  25. You've completed your life purpose this lifetime. Congratulations. And if you decide to come back and do another round, see you then ❤️ Earth is just a temporary playground where we come to learn something and level up. You're going home now

  26. Try Essene Gospel of Peace re fasting cure, Hatha Yoga by Yogi Ramacharaka and his Science of Breath to build energy back.

  27. No, I hate these comments. They aren’t true. Fight. I was told I was dying too once. My husband had polio and almost died. Don’t give up. I’m sure you have a lot to offer still. Fuck everyone. Keep fighting. When I was 20 and so sick that they called my momma to tell her I wouldn’t live, I lived. When my husband’s doctors told his parents at 3 months that he wouldn’t live, he did. Fight for yourself. You deserve it.

  28. I love you for this. Thank you I know it’s important to fight. I had been fighting for 8 months and with my body literally rotting off of me, life flashback, ect. I knew I had to give up. Ironically, once I gave up my body gave in and started healing. I feel great now and your comment helped me once I came out of my 5 day hibernation.

  29. Sending you love and light 🙏🏼 you’re a brave soul who came into this world for reason. Miracles happen but I pray you feel better and you’re at peace which is a good thing.

  30. I love you. I hope everything goes smoothly and easily. The weight of the world is heavy, I feel it each day. I’m sorry this life got cut short, but everything happens for a reason and I truly hope you find peace in this life and the next.

  31. Sending very strong blessings your way. I think, one doesn’t realize the lack in healthcare in troubled times. 1. One doesn’t even think in their life they’d get to a terminal point , but when it happens, you don’t realize the support you need to pass to the other side peacefully, with the support of others like healthcare professionals and such.

  32. Think of death as the final flourish<3 Don’t give up though a miracle can happen just need to make sure you’ve got people to advocate for you. Post your video story on TikTok and help will come

  33. If you can, you should try herbs. Herbs for autoimmune disease then go to a local herbal/natural store and see if that will help

  34. I wish I could help you and give you advice, but legally I cannot as I’m in med school. People like you are the reason I decided to attend and become a physician. There are to many shit doctors who just want a paycheck. When I be ken a physician, I will make sure my patients get the care they need, and I will do my best to cure their ailments so they don’t have to suffer. I’m sick of shitty doctors. I’m going to be one of the good ones.

  35. Thank you! Please listen to women out bodies are different than men and we experience pain differently. I love you for this. You’re going to make a lasting impact.

  36. We will meet again. With love we send you off to the light, where rest is truly restful and pain does not exist. Human kind was lucky to have you. May you be reunited with your passed loved ones, and keep watch over the ones still here. I am sorry we could not do more for you, but you will be stronger in your next life. I will be thinking of you always. Death is not the end, but a transformation of worlds. You’re ready for your next adventure.

  37. You are vibrant, you are courageous, you are loved. I am saddened and angered that this world did not serve you. I'm wishing you all the peace joy and care the next realm can offer.

  38. It feels strange to see so many comments just accepting that OP has been refused healthcare and is dying. OP, please don’t give up on yourself! It’s deeply wrong that so many of us aren’t believed when we get sick, but please keep trying! There will be someone who takes you seriously, please don’t allow medical negligence to end your life!

  39. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  40. I have everything recorded in case I pass from negligence. I’ve seen a total of 7 doctors and they all have the same “unknown diagnosis”. I hope my body holds the secret to the answer of some medical mystery. I have hope my life has purpose bigger than myself. I allow my souls to work for the betterment of others 💕

  41. Update- I think this post may have saved my life. After all the kind words I did decide to continue my journey to the other side. I slept, fasted, slept, slept and slept. I think giving up have my body a chance. I was ready. I think my dad knew better. If you reference my other comment you’ll know. I need to be here. I thank you all I wouldn’t have made it without all of your kind words and advice. I am not out of the woods yet but my soul feels present again.

  42. Hello, I’ve seen some comments about fasting which would be very beneficial for you I believe. Although make sure you are drinking lots of water, lemons dont break your fast and also enhance the effects. Good quality herbal teas are good as well. Look into the Wim Hof Method, it oxygenates your blood and could drastically improve and accelerate the healing your body is trying to do at this moment, it also will make you feel very at peace and in the moment.

  43. If you're still alive you could try Oculotrophin PMG. If it's really eye auto immune than this may help. The idea is the cells entering your body are close enough to the eye so the autoimmune system attacks it instead, giving the eye rest and time to heal. It's just a theory but worth a try. There also one for the nervous system just make sure it's pmg.

  44. I don’t think they’ll know what it is Unless there’s an autopsy. Even my oral surgeon said I’m a mystery and that’s only the mouth ulcers. He’s the only one that has shown an ounce of care. Medical staff in other settings are overworked and with burn out comes lack of empathy plus whatever is going on is rare as confirmed by oral surgeon at least.

  45. My husband forced me to eat red meat and then babied me for about 3 days after with a fast and I feel great today.

  46. Have no regrets of your life in your final moments, and if you do this. The best things will come afterwards. May your soul rest in peace.

  47. Have you tried any natural healing modalities ? Autoimmune diseases are almost always due to unresolved trauma being stored in the body that turns into sickness.

  48. Search up yahki awakened on YouTube. He is a herbalist with all the information. Take or leave but good luck and I do hope all goes well

  49. Bro it’s the food is poisoning us you don’t gotta die you just gotta change your diet eat more plant base with fruits the give you energy

  50. I just don’t know what to say….I knew a Redditor who I talked to and he also said he’s at peace as he was gonna pass away soon and he did…I still follow his account and send messages hoping it would reach him…I never forgot his name .

  51. This made me cry - I’m still here, not sure for how long I got better but I’m getting bad again. I see 911 everywhere I think this date is important

  52. We all go sometime - it’s just how our story plays out. I’m happy for you to be at peace with your outcome. NDE & dad visit are a gift. Please tell your family to mourn you, but then go on to live their best lives. Too many ppl get stuck in grief & loss and that’s tragic. I wish you strength, love and blessings on your journey. 🫶🏽

  53. I’m so sorry, I wish there was more done for you. I’m glad that you are able to finally feel at peace. Passing on may not be a bad thing, though certainly scary because of the unknown. For all we know, we are just in a waiting room right now preparing for our spiritual journey after death. Some are ready sooner than others. You have accomplished so much in life, you’ve learnt so many lessons, and because you have, I just know that something better is waiting for you in the spiritual realm. I hope you find your dad🤍

  54. Is this just a feeling, or is it verified by doctors? The secret to life is Vitamin D/sunlight, echinacea and water. Lots of water. And vegetables. And NyQuil

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