“Hell yeah!”

  1. I swear, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay silent when you're on a high like this. English isn't my mother tongue and I don't live in an English speaking country. But when I woke up from a surgery, I was speaking English and wouldn't shut up and was being an annoying twat for over half an hour. I was so embarassed after.

  2. There was one other post where the guy was telling to his wife "Twist around, you look beautiful.. can you marry me.."

  3. He was doing fine trying to rest after his dad told him to, until that lady had to stir him up again.

  4. Dope, hilarious, rambunctious but ultimately respectful. That dad is laughing, but I'm sure he's proud as hell. His kid is a fucking gem!

  5. I can only hope I say things that wholesome when I’m out of my mind. But knowing me I’d probably start talking about my butthole.

  6. Heck, while I was watching it, all I could think was "damn if my son goes through anesthesia and pain meds in the hospital, I hope he's like this". Like, i don't expect us to be perfect, but he was still super respectful after he said some crazy shit lol think it's super cute lol

  7. I always have my bio dad take me for surgeries. He's heard all the weird truths I have to say. My deepest fear is saying something too honest in these moments.

  8. This video and comment convinced me to go through this alone if I'm ever on that much anesthesia. Keep people I care about far away from me.

  9. when I was on the gas during labor I was telling my mother everything.. I'm so sorry, I snuck out on this date.. and that day I said xyz.. well I was really here....

  10. I already don't have a filter and already overshare, I wonder what I would say.. I didn't think I was drama, but I may actually would be a reality tv villain. I'm sweet until minor inconveniences

  11. I was this high once, and during it my mother brought my service dog back into the recovery room to see me (she couldn’t stay in during surgery obviously). She’s a golden retriever. First thing I did was scream and question why they brought a lion in the room!

  12. There's a longer version of this where he asks the doctor "um, how long until this medication calms down?!" and it makes me laugh every time.

  13. We need a wholesome took to much to separate the funny innocent shit from the crack heads with their ass crack hanging out in the street.

  14. This is super. Yah I said this inappropriate thing, but it's not out of meanness, it's just a reaction and in the vein of having a good time.

  15. Wasn’t this video post surgery? Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious and I love it and it’s one of my all-time favorite Internet videos.

  16. SHOW ME YOUR TITS 🤣 fuckin lost my shit there are so many reasons why I wish to never want my wisdom teeth or anything to happen cuz I'ma be saying shit that's gonna make people either question reality and shit or laught there ass off

  17. No one was there to record me when they put a cool rod in my leg and now I'm a little scared... And curious.

  18. I remember this- and this children is why I can’t go out to bars. Shits hilarious I don’t get mean I just turn into the original family fued guy 😂

  19. This lady at work today came in and told me “squeeze them tits together. If you got them, you might as well show them.” I’m a man… and she wasn’t under any medication. But I have been working out. I told her “thanks for noticing. :)”

  20. My mom once took me to the hospital and they wanted to shoot me up with pain killers. I said as long as it isn't ketamine. She said, "no, it's dilaudid." I was like, "cool." I know my ass and who knows what I would say under ketamine.

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