Woman attacked stranger

  1. I hate how people come to that stupid woman's defense after she kept slapping the shit out of this guy.

  2. i have always said this. if u can avoid a fight with her then avoid it but if she starts swinging like a man then shes obviously prepared to be knocked out like a man so im gonna defend myself accordingly

  3. Like the guy in green said: “She can’t hurt me.” He knew as soon as she hit him he was gonna knock her for a loop!

  4. At the end "do you know who my brother is" Yes, the person who has been putting up with your shit his entire life and bailing your arse out of problems your mouth has gotten you into.

  5. Probably in jail as well. Just wait till my brother gets of prison three years from now. I’m going to have him do something that will get him sent back to prison.

  6. I don't think men hitting women is ok. I don't think women hitting men is ok. Hell, anyone hitting anyone else is not ok, unless you're defending yourself or someone that can't defend themselves. That said, if you keep hitting people, you get what's coming.

  7. If you’re gonna call someone out - gesture for them to step outside - you’d better have fought outside of your own head not just fantasies.

  8. You see his size? I mean hell. Watching George Foreman box was like watching a non Newtonian fluid beast hit. He wasn’t fast but when he hit, DAMN!

  9. I get the impression that this is a woman that has never actually had to pay the physical price for her shit talking and absurd antics, at least until this video.

  10. I took one look at that dude in green and could tell by his musculature that he’s was gonna kick both their arses if he needed to. Haha. Crappy punches but they still worked

  11. Bro i love watching these assaulting karens start fights and assault ppl like the law doesn't apply to them and then seeing a guy bring her back to reality with one punch to the face. Its so satisfying

  12. woman attacks man woman gets punched in face women falls on floor and plays victim nobody cares about woman woman gets up and acts like that didn't happen

  13. I commend the guy in green. He clearly was pulling his punches. Looks like he was trying to minimize the fallout but he gave both of them just enough to keep them at bay...

  14. Why should her brother have anything to do with this? Her and blue jacket thought they were tough enough to get him. Apparently they picked the fight so……why do they need the brother to help them? Because they lost so we have to get another person involved.

  15. I don't get why some women think they stand a chance against men.... 🤣 Unless they are skilled in martial arts/self defense. A woman will alway lose

  16. So what do we think? I'd say the brother is probably either a police officer or on the select board of the town or something. Maybe a personal injury lawyer.

  17. Man that right hook from my homie that connected with that ladies chin. Phewww made my motherfuckn day seeing that. Just wish the other dude got some more brain damage dished out to him

  18. Her head’s on a spring. I can just imagine a Looney Tubes foley artist thumbing a door stopper every time she gets hit…booooing

  19. He gave her one freebie. Probably shouldn't have kept on instigating but I'm sure he was angry at being hit. He didn't hit her nearly as hard as he could have. Boo on everyone involved. Keep your hands to yourself for the win.

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  21. I hate seeing anyone hit anyone but self defense is vital you always have to stand up for yourself tue problem is if it's a woman you show restraint until it's out of control but what I hate the most is when a woman hits men BECAUSE shes a woman and any man in the area does nothing until the man defends himself if you dont want to see anyone get hurt especially the girl then stop her from assaulting people I surely wouldnt watch a girl beat up a man that's not hitting her back stop her before you have to stop him

  22. He didn’t attack her he defended himself from two that were attacking him in my view and the cameras view.

  23. I believe a man should show a bit of restraint when a women starts something due to the strength difference. However, I also believe that equal rights mean equal fights. If she continues that shit after you have already told her to stop then you get what you fucking deserve.

  24. I don't care what your gender is. If your hitting someone expect to get hit back. Once they are anger it's not about if you're weaker or you're a woman. Now it's about who overpowers who

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