The most wholesome guy

  1. Did he not get awards for the mummy and George of the jungle? His name and face was a staple growing up

  2. I adore this man. To come back and face acting in a completely different world than the early 2000's, is outstanding. I wish nothing but the best for him. Looking forward to more content

  3. I will say, he has been on TV as an acclaimed actor for the past 5 or 6 years. The shows he has been involved in have been consistently reviewed well.

  4. Im in my early 30s, people who don't really remember the late 90s/early 2000s really don't understand that this guy was a household name that suddenly dropped off. The mummy movies were pretty big (maybe bigger to me because I was 10) and the comedies he was in like Encino Man and Blast from the Past were watched by pretty much everybody.

  5. Let's not forget George of the Jungle. I absolutely loved that as a kid, and I think a lot of people my age can say the same

  6. I love it too. The wholesomeness is on point. It is just dark enough as well being based on the now near century long fear of nuclear winter.

  7. What's the name of that movie where he's Jewish and he gets discriminated for it at this boarding school and Robin is his friend. Definitely one of him best performances. Very good movie.

  8. Honestly I can somewhat relate to this. I don't remember when I have been recognized for my efforts. I get that it's selfish thing to think and I'm not asking for any price but it's starting to be a little depressing since I do my best and I don't even get a proper thank you..

  9. It’s not selfish to want some validation/acknowledgment of your work. Different people need different kinds of appreciation.

  10. It is not selfish, at least in the negative way to understand that word. Wanting at least some recognition is perfectly valid and normal. As with wanting attention, we are social animals after all and crave peer acceptance. It's only an issue if one becomes obsessed with it.

  11. For what it's worth, your username is hilarious and I appreciate the effort you put into it. So thank you for making me laugh today!

  12. It’s not selfish to crave validation. I think we’ve spent too much effort trying to be “humble” that any focus on self is considered selfish. Self care is not selfish. Validation is not selfish.

  13. And yet there are people out there complaining about giving all the kids a little plastic trophy at the end of soccer season. Fucking assholes...

  14. I would honestly put Brendan Fraser up there with Robin Williams and Jim Carrey for how important he was in movies for kids growing up in the 90s.

  15. Personally I enjoy him way more than Robin Williams. I can never see anyone apart from Robin Williams in his movies. He's a bit like Tom Cruise, a great actor but he's always playing Tom Cruise.

  16. Not sure if everyone picks up on this. The modesty, to an aggressive point, and strong emotional reactions to genuine appreciation is a pretty huge sign of emotional trauma.

  17. He www sexually assaulted by a film exec and then blacklisted for speaking out about it. Then his wife divorced him and took a shit load of his money.

  18. Something about being sexually assaulted, a divorce, and I think a family member dying. Other comments have more precise (but not necessarily more accurate) details.

  19. Since everyone is talking about their Brendan Fraser films, lets not forget one of the best episodes of Scrubs.

  20. Brendan Fraser is the legend, dude got absolutely smacked around by life and is still an amazing dude. I'm so glad he's getting back too it.

  21. With all the talk of him being a National Treasure I figure he’d be good in that. And heck throw Keanu in there with Nick Cage, why not?

  22. I love him so much and it makes my black heart happy that he’s getting the recognition he deserves. He has the kindest eyes. You could just see how he’s this utterly kind and pure person.

  23. I don't know if most people in my country know him but i fucking grew up with this man's 3 mummy movies watched the shit out of them, man made me gay before until watched his movie George of the jungle and it's all downward from there.

  24. What a guy man, genuinely makes me happy that a guy that gave so much joy in my childhood is finally finding joy in things himself. 🥲

  25. The Mummy is the first movie I remember watching growibg up aside from the Star Wars Trilogy and us, to this day, my favorite movie.

  26. After everything that he’s gone through, he deserves a win. I want to give him a hug and thank him for sharing his talent with us again, we missed him on the big screen!

  27. Hi everyone this is just a reminder that this incredibly wholesome and wonderful actor has his own positively adorable website straight out of the early 2000s

  28. From the fun boy next door to the handsome lead in a summer blockbuster………it’s been an absolute pleasure being a fan Mr. Fraser. And thank you for giving me the last movie I saw in a theater with my parents….over 20 years ago 🥹

  29. What exactly happened to him? I've seen plenty of posts about him but the last I've heard of him was from The Mummy, I think.

  30. In 2018, Fraser alleged that he was sexually assaulted by Philip Berk, the then-president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, at a luncheon in the summer of 2003. The assault, his subsequent divorce, and the death of his mother launched Fraser into a depression that, combined with his health issues, led to a pause in his career. Several publications and social media users interpreted that Fraser was "blacklisted" from Hollywood for speaking out about the sexual assault. However, Fraser said he would not use the term and was doubtful that the decline in his career had anything to do with the incident. In his 2019 appearance on the radio show Sway in the Morning, Fraser said "I don't think the HFPA really wield that much power. This was not an executive, this was a former president of that organization which is essentially journalists."

  31. Like a lot of actors he got fairly big for a while but his career faltered for the usual reasons and his disappeared from the spotlight for a number of years. Then for some reason The Mummy got big again on I wanna say Netflix. People got curious about what happened to him because he was well loved for being a good, wholesome actor that just seemed to disappear. They found out that Hollywood basically abandoned him cause he wasn't a huge money maker anymore and his looks had started to go. So they started a grass roots movement to get him back in movies and TV and it basically worked.

  32. Reddit is the only place where I'll watch someone getting beheaded with a straight face then scroll down to tear over an award speech. Well deserved Brendan Fraser, after all you've been through.

  33. Tbh this should be a slap on the face for the people who incite violence to “man up” other men. This man recovering because of the kindness of people. It’s a flawed and selfish way to treat someone in distress. I grew up with those people and it made me realize I wasn’t in the wrong.

  34. Darren Aronofsky has previously achieved great commercial and critical acclaim with formerly “washed up” actor Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler. I think when he saw the ground swell of support for Brendan Fraser online these last several years something in his brain must’ve clicked. Great job Brendan. You earned it. Next up:Johnny Depp.

  35. Because Brendan went through a lot of sexual abuse and is not only no longer black balled in Hollywood but is actually getting roles and playing them well

  36. It’s nice to see when you know everything that happened to him and how grateful he is to be accepted with such love now that he’s back working.

  37. This is Brendan Fraser. He was a big deal in the 1990-2000s until he publicly spoke out about being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood insider and was then blacklisted.

  38. Just when you thought he couldn't top the "Shucks Ma'am" tip of the hat... I'm not crying you are crying.

  39. It breaks my heart how humble this man is, after everything he’s been through. He looks so happy and healthy. He deserves so much more than we could ever give him. But I would love to give him all the love he deserves. I think I’m going to watch some of his movies again right now.

  40. I'm with you. This guy isn't a nobody. He's worth $20 million, has starred in Hollywood blockbusters, and has had some level of critical acclaim before for being in Gods and Monsters, the Quiet American, and Crash. And he's consistently had decent work for the last 10 years. I'm really not sure where this "poor Brendan" stuff is coming from.

  41. I picture the Mummy 4 being his kid going off to fight battles and his retired dad with a DD 214 body assisting from the command center.

  42. The problem is, it's not laziness that has him in his current shape. He's got back problems and other health issues associated with his stunt work back in the day. That in addition to the blacklisting is what has caused his past movie drought.

  43. I’m so happy for him, when I was a kid growing up those mummy movies were the best thing going for me and power rangers but he’s my favorite actor. I’m so happy he’s making a come back he deserves the world & happiness after what he’s been through.

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