Muslim woman, 26, is sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy in Pakistan after sending caricatures of Prophet Mohammed over WhatsApp

  1. I had to tell a friend who wanted to do "stunts" while visiting Saudi Arabia- such as filming himself walking in public and drinking beer- how much it is not a joke in conservative Islamic countries.

  2. My ex girlfriend was almost sent back with her plane on the charges of being a prostitute, because she is born in an eastern european country and wasn't accompanied by me (a boyfriend/husband). This was in the UAE too.

  3. I had a friend in Dubai who was caught being publicly intoxicated while being Muslim. He got 30 lashes, charged 10k US and deported back to Iran. Last I heard he was in prison before never seeing him again. Sharjah, one of the Emirates. They don't fuck around don't believe the fancy commercials

  4. Hopefully he listened to you. Otherwise, he’s gonna learn the hard way and the Embassy may not be able to rescue him.

  5. I just want to add that Pakistani courts condemn a lot of people to death because they themselves are afraid of the backlash from the religious community. Many times people accused of blasphemy don’t even make it to the end of their trial because they are killed by vigilante mobs first.

  6. Think about the energy some dudes give off when they’re rejected. Now imagine the woman who rejected them had sent some content that could land that woman in trouble.

  7. Absolutely ridiculous. Sentenced to death for sending some pictures. Who in their right mind thinks this is ok.

  8. Blasphemy is such a good way to get rid of people it's never going to be removed from law.Not long ago a member of parliament proposed a bill to remove it, because it is not relevant in a modern society.He is dead now, murdered for trying to drag Pakistan into the 21st century.BTW if you are accused of blasphemy you will be imprisoned until you prove your innocence , no such thing as " innocent until proven guilty" Apparently the word of God trumps the laws of man .....

  9. In just about every blasphemy case I've read about, there's always an ulterior motive behind the accusation. Wonder what it is here. Number one rule for Pakistan: Don't make enemies. Anyone can end your life by merely suggesting you may have committed blasphemy. If you're lucky, the police gets to you first, you're locked up for years and quietly released some time later. If you're unlucky, the mob hets to you first.

  10. Don't forget, the last mainstream Pakistani politician who called for repeal on the blasphemy laws was... murdered by his own guards for opposing blasphemy laws. If Pakistan wants to be a modern country they can get rid of the religious fanatics first.

  11. In Indonesia, a Buddhist woman was talking to one of the street vendors that "hey the mosque loudspeaker is really loud." It was not even a formal complain or anything like that. It was just a conversation among friends (or whom she thought was a friend). The street vendor snitched, and she went to jail.

  12. Imagine individuals that believe in a religion where their God is so weak that a blasphemous cartoon is threatening enough to warrant the death penalty.

  13. Pakistan has done pretty terrible things in the league of big bullies like a genocide, ethnic cleansing, using terror outfits as proxy, funding and training 'revolutionaries' of other countries, severly supressing the minority to a point where it has almost gone extinct, and the list goes on and on.

  14. My Pakistani American friend told me these words once: if you're not from Pakistan, don't go to Pakistan. If you're from Pakistan, don't go back to Pakistan.

  15. Added to the lists of countries I'm not going to even though tons of food vloggers go there to travel and eat. Such a shitty place.

  16. Then you might attract a nutjob from your own country who might hunt you down to protect their space fairy's feelings.

  17. Dude... They literally send terrorists to murder people who do that. You can look up all the people that died for showing the pictures or caricatures in their own countries. I believe it happened in France recently

  18. Hey look guys my country 🙃🙃. And people have the nerve to ask me why I think nationalism is pathetic, this is why. It's common to be nationalistic about Pakistan but when I recount how often the country has helped me... I can't. Prejudice my whole life based on the color of my passport, repressive culture and religion that follows me everywhere I go. Fuck yeah I have an identity crisis, when you're born from a country like that you have to abandon all sense of "home" and "belonging" once you leave, but then where else do you fit? I like to think I'm a nomad, belonging nowhere but the roof over my head and I'll never die for any country.

  19. Home is where you make it, friend. You belong where you choose to belong. You cannot change where you came from, but that does not mean you are worthless. You are a whole human, and you are the one who defines who you are.

  20. Don't fit in homeland because you're not mindlessly religious, and don't fit in abroad because you're racially profiled as mindlessly religious.

  21. I grew up in Bangladesh, and to this date my mother will divert a topic that might be antigovernment or anti theology. Like she always says, I don’t want a brave daughter, I want a smart daughter; your opinion matters if you’re alive, so be smart and stay alive. I think people underestimate mob mentality until they are on receiving end of it.

  22. I'm Indian but some parts of Pakistan are beautiful, the problem is that the Government in charge has almost never seemed progressive as far back as I can imagine. I don't know if it's because the nation has been born out of a bitter partition or what, but I hope the situation for people improves.

  23. Mob mentality and fervent belief that you are “part of the righteous” are some pretty damn dangerous (and addicting, I’d wager) powers.

  24. Bad education, religions fanatism that's been reinforced since birth.. its a shitty situation. These people need help and their government is as backwards as most of them are.

  25. So.... they think there's a creator of the universe, some omni-[fill in the blank] supernatural entity that cares about caricatures to extent that a death penalty is warranted. Who would worship such a silly, petty god?

  26. You see, the God is omnipotent but needs to be protected from a simple drawing/joke/etc. And, in the words of George Carlin, he needs money!

  27. Considering the article says that no one has "really" been hanged for blasphemy laws, I fear more about public citizens that might attack her rather than the government.

  28. Oh wow. I see this after I’ve been watching that idiot named Daniel Haqiqatjou argue that a Muslim society is better for the world than a liberal one.

  29. This is what happens when absolute fucking morons get power. These dumb sacks of shit have the audacity to think that their religion and its rules, which have existed only for a tiniest sliver in time, is the absolute truth that cannot be questioned in the slightest.

  30. It's amazing to live in such fear...first they fear their vengeful angry god, then they fear their own human impulses, then they fear their neighbors who could get them killed for an accusation of blasphemy. A fear based religion leads to a fear filled life. Fear leads to violence. And Judeo Christians aren't off the hook either..."fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge"..."my god is an angry god".

  31. Imagine worshipping a god that cannot take a human making fun of them through caricature? Seriously, that should in and of itself point out how stupid your religion is.

  32. Ironically isn't the prohibition about not elevating Muhammad to God status? Don't worship the man as a deity, focus on his reading or whatever.

  33. Muslims don’t worship the prophet, and actually he apparently could. He was stoned out of a city by its residents, and when god sent Gabriel and another angel and they asked him if he wanted to have the city buried beneath the mountains, he said no.

  34. I tend to get chatty with my cab drivers when I'm drunk and on the way home, and I remember I was out a little after Xmas around the year that Malala's book had come out. My grandmother got the book as a present and finished reading it within a couple days. She wouldn't shut up about it for days, and tried to convince anyone who she met to read the book. (I mean, good for her tho.)

  35. My entire family are vehement supporters of the Taliban. When they heard they captured Kabul, they were cheering. So, I asked my aunt to stop sending her daughters to school if she really loves the Talian, and she was really confused. People here are wildly misinformed.

  36. He's not one off I as a Pakistan don't know ANY one IRL that doesn't hate her and doesn't think she's a con artist made by west etc but I'm glad there are some liberal folks in Pakistan subreddit so there's that one sub of 120k in a country of 200 million

  37. To be fair, the mysoginistic reaction you witnessed is not too dissimilar to that which Greta Thunberg elicits from many males here in the West.

  38. I wish there were such a thing as atheist extremists that could go save her & kill the people attempting to murder her.

  39. because religion is an acceptable reason to kill someone. pathetic, maybe this is why aliens stay the fuck away from us

  40. I guessed Pakistan, do I win a prize? Often when people are sentenced there they are given the option for defacto exile instead. India has laws in place granting people like her asylum if she's able to ask. It's very important to note muslim reaction to these laws was to riot.

  41. Meanwhile people call Canada communist on Instagram for asking people to participate in public health measures

  42. This poor fucking woman. What a horror her life probably is right now. Imagine living a normal life and suddenly being ripped out and told that your life is going to end now and theres nothing you can do about it. Seriously makes me sick.

  43. As a second generation immigrant with parents from Pakistan I'm so dismayed. This is a terrible thing to kill over. Hopefully the people move away from religious extremism and ultra nationalism.

  44. Yes, the Almighty God is offended by cartoons. Religious zealots of all stripes have such an incredibly low opinion of their respective deities’ self-confidence.

  45. Well Allah is just the reboot of the drunken asshole fire and brimstone, pillar of salt kick an angel out of heaven for asking a question god from the early old testament. So it tracks.

  46. They've only abolished their own plqspheky laws in recent years. Although Noone had been persecuted under them for deavdes before that.

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